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The 8 Biggest Recruitment Challenges Faced by Recruiters

author Written by Amit Ghodasara

The 8 Biggest Recruitment Challenges Faced by Recruiters

Are you the one who is facing the recruitment challenges? And looking for the solution? Then this is the right place. In this blog, we will discuss a variety of recruitment challenges and provide you with the best recruitment practices tips to overcome the challenges of recruitment.

What is Recruitment Challenges? 

As we know, recruiting is not an easy task, and it takes a village to hire the right candidate for the job as well as to avoid the bad hire. A recruitment team faces lots of challenges throughout the hiring process. And as a good recruiter, and to enhance the employer branding, the recruiter had to fill the open position within minimum time.

Open positions for a long time affect the company's goodwill —talent acquisition, now the first priority of each company and organization. Recruiting agencies, whether small or big, want to form a meaningful talent pool that will suit them in the future.  But do you think it is easier said than done?


The recruitment process is the deepest process from inside; where the recruiter has to pass every stage along with candidates. And during these phases they confront various problems, that's what recruitment challenges are.

So, if you are about to start a hiring process, here are some recruitment challenges that you should be aware of and ready to face beforehand.

8 Biggest Recruitment Challenges Faced By Recruiter

Remember, problems come along with solutions. Identically we will discuss recruitment problems and solutions as well.

Challenges faced by recruiters

1. Attracting the right candidates

Finding the right candidate that fits the job can be a difficult and tedious task. Hence, we recorded it in recruitment challenges. 

The options are limited when you try to locate the right person in a pool of unqualified talents and in the end, you often end up settling for a candidate that is the best person at the time despite them not the best fit for the job. To avoid such situations, the best way is to form a smaller pipeline of more qualified talent over a larger number of applications.


If attracting the right candidates is one of the biggest recruitment challenges for you, then follow this tip. One of the best recruitment practices is to be clear about the position requirement in depth. Because the more you will serve in your ads, the more candidates will relate themself.

You can add a knockout question strategy. Like you only want a candidate who holds a degree of MCA, set the question, did you complete a master's in computer application, and yes/no.

2. Engaging qualified candidates

Engaging qualified candidates is one of the recruitment challenges. It is important to reach out to the right candidates and be noticed by them. A well-qualified candidate is swamped with emails from multiple recruiters. You have to make your email stand out in the sea, especially when the candidate has several offers under their belt. You have to put in more effort to attract and persuade you to choose your company in this sea of competitors, especially when it comes to passive candidates.


Passive candidates are the ones who are not eager for the opportunity, or we can say they are not interested in changing the job. Therefore, to remove this challenge from the list of recruitment challenges, first, create a scenario that seems interesting to them. Let them know what you are offering instead of what they will do for your company. 

Candidate engagement is a continuous process throughout the hiring procedure; thus, this is one of the best recruitment practices to maintain distance from recruitment challenges. 

3. Hiring fast

While hiring, the recruiters try to fill up job positions as fast as possible because a vacant position costs them money and it also delays operations, but some industries take a longer time to hire which makes the recruiters frustrated.

The reason behind a longer duration for recruitment can also be a result of a shortage of qualified candidates which leads to a real struggle for the hiring teams to conclude and the right candidate gets hired elsewhere in the meantime. That's why recruiters add it to the menu of recruitment challenges.

Candidate left the hiring process


For eliminating this challenge from the recruitment challenges, you need to ask several questions to yourself. You know the whole hiring process very well, look with the tiny eyes, where are you going wrong, why you are unable to hire faster and why this is in the list of recruitment challenges.

And ask questions such as, can I remove any stages of the hiring process that does not affect the overall hiring? Is there a lack of communication between you and candidates? Are you using the right technology for recruitment? Need to change your applicant tracking system? etc….

4. Building a strong employer brand

Having a strong employer brand is important as it attracts better and top candidates/talent, engages them, and has better chances to make a quality hire and avoid a bad hire. Hiring is a complex process and requires a continuous, collective effort. And for enhancing employer brand, recruiters have to ensure that candidates who are getting good recruitment experience whether they are hired or not. 

This is a continuous process that might distract recruiters from concentrating on crucial tasks, and hence, it is one of the recruitment challenges that recruiters faced.

Negative review about the company can change the candidate decision


Try to always reply to the comments and reviews concerning your hiring process or employer product and brand on social media, website, or anywhere else. Encourage existing employers to share their experience on social media and the website in the form of videos and blogs.

5. Creating an efficient recruiting process

The fifth challenge from the book of recruitment challenges is creating an efficient recruiting process. The recruitment process can be tricky, so it is mandatory to have an efficient recruiting process to hire the right candidate. Hiring teams have to communicate proficiently and fast to easily evaluate candidates, and they should be aware of all the steps during the process. Their main task is to coordinate all this communication which is not always easy. Also, administrative tasks take up too much time that they can use in the hiring process instead and provide a good candidate experience.

Tips :

For this recruitment challenge, one thing that you need to invest in is technology. Adopt the best applicant tracking system or CRM that brings accuracy and streamline your process. Moreover, reduce the time of hiring due to its automation recruiting features.

Thus, its prominent features diminish the manual tasks of the team member.

6. Recruiting fairly

A company must provide equal opportunities to all candidates to hire the best person for the job. Also, it is a legal obligation and is a good way to hire a person without the interference of stereotypes. Many companies struggle to bring diverse candidates on board, and unconscious biases are one of the reasons behind it. This leads to an inclusive workplace and diminishes your company's image.


To overcome this one of recruitment challenges, recruiters need to do some modification in the term of technique. Adopt the structured interview, i.e., same questions, and activity for every candidate. And use different blind hiring software.

7. Ensuring a good candidate experience

During the hiring process, it is beneficial to provide a good candidate experience as it increases the chances of the candidate accepting the offer and a bad experience makes them less likely to accept the job. Positive candidate experience also enhances employer brand and acts as an integral factor when candidates weigh in on job offers. This makes more good candidates apply to your job posting.

Bad candidate experience discourage other candidates


Communicate with candidates as per the expectation level. By using the latest recruiting technology or recruitment software,  you can set the reminder and can also choose the email template according to the conversation. Use ATS to improve candidate experience.

8. Using data-driven recruitment

The recruiting process can be improved and upgraded using recruitment data and metrics, which helps in making more informed decisions. But the drawback is that maintaining these data can be tiresome and require a lot of time. Keeping a track of data through spreadsheets is one way as it simplifies the data but it requires tons of manual work, and can be prey to human error. So, it is not a very reliable method. It is hard to organize data accurately and efficiently keep it updated.


You can collect data from google analytics, and from the recruitment marketing tools. There is a metric of recruitment, follow that but not every metric.

The Bottom Line for Challenges of Recruitment 

Such recruitment challenges 2021 can be resolved by investing in technology like the applicant tracking system (ATS) and training a hiring team to make the process easy. Also, diversifying the recruitment process helps like using social media for job postings, attending job fairs, etc.

Even when the economy is good and the employment market is on its high, recruiters have to face numerous challenges. The company that rises above these challenges is the only one to survive and experience long-term success in the profession.

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