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Top 10 College Recruiting Ideas

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The universities across the world, i.e. from Asia to America, have implemented different college recruiting ideas for students. Everyone doesn't have the same successful strategy for student recruitment. As this is the fight for attracting top talent, companies are forcefully bringing innovation in their campus recruitment strategies. What worked in the past will no longer work in the present and future.  

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Suppose you want to be successful in your student recruitment efforts. In that case, you must not only look at what others have done with success, but you should also implement new creative ways to engage students and to make them fall in love with your company, the program, and with the location too.

Around 4 out of 3 U.S. employers say that they plan to hire recent college students who graduate this year, i.e. around 74% and 67% engage those students who graduated in the last year. These were the highest recruiting forecasts since 2007.

hire recent college students who graduate this year

10 Creative College Recruiting Ideas, which will arm you and your Company:

Recruiting tip #1: A to Z Information about Campus Recruitment 

Whether you are recruiting for decades or you are a beginner, you should have every detail of the campus recruitment. Campus recruitment mostly involves working with university career services from top-ranked universities and also attending career fairs to meet in person with college students and recent graduates.

Recruiting tip #2: Digital Campus Recruitment Strategy

In the era of technology, students are more active on social media. They do not prefer text messages and email. It would be best if you took advantage of student recruitment ideas on a successful digital platform such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can use social media to promote your brand and can attract more students through it. If you are smart, then you can turn technology into an advantage for your company.

Recruiting tip #3: Create a Landing Page

In the digital world, you cannot make an impact on recent grades if you don't have a dedicated and creative career site. If you don't have a career site then build up a landing page, so applicants know that they have come to the right place. Take the present graduates in one place and make new applicants excited to join your company.

Recruiting tip #4: Informal Meetings

Nothing makes students more uncomfortable than a dress code. The more casual you will be in the recruitment hiring process the more comfortable students will be with you, and you can also build a repo with them. If you arrange an informal discussion, it means that you are aiming to create the best experiences with the students that feel nervous. 

Recruiting tip #5: Build a Custom Recruitment Campaign

With the student, recruitment ideas make sure you're messaging campaigns are apparent and easily understood. Your students should know about your company, what kind of business you are doing and what you can offer them. Make sure that your recruitment campaigns are engaging and creative. Recruiters can make it more straightforward and easy. 

Recruiting tip #6: Offer them an Internship

These are some of the best ways to promote your employer's brand among all the universities and colleges. The internship is very much important and valuable for any student because they provide an opportunity to gain real work experience. By implementing the idea of internship employers also get a great benefit. After doing an internship in your company, they will promote your brand in the on-campus recruitment hiring process.

Recruiting tip #7: Existing Employee Involvement should be there

There are many different ways to involve the existing employee in your creative college recruiting ideas. You can contact those universities and colleges from where the current performing employees graduated. 

Recruiting tip #8: Set a Referral Program   

Employee referral programs are one of the most effective hiring process methods. By using this, you can improve the time, cost, and quality of hire. A referral is used to get recommendations for the potential candidates from the current employees. In the same way, you can set up a student referral program to boost the campus recruiting efforts. To make the referral program more effective, seek referrals not only from the current interns or employees but also from their family members and friends, universities, college professors, and also from the staff members.

Recruiting tip #9: Host Webinars

Universities will give you a chance to hold a classroom presentation, but there is no guarantee that you will reach a broad audience. So you need to improve your college recruiting ideas and consider a webinar. Try to host the webinar at a time that doesn't interfere with classes or team practice. It is essential to be helpful, open, and honest to show a student that you are genuinely interested in their future and want to help them succeed.

Recruiting tip #10: Skills every Campus Recruiter should have 

Campus recruiting is not an easy job; it is full of stress and hectic work. So recruiters should have some essential skills such as being open during the hiring process, recruiters must have the courage to take a risk, should be an analytical person, and so on. If recruiters have such skills, then they can easily attract top talent and can welcome them to the company or the organization.

Skills every Campus Recruiter should have 

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