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15 Latest Recruitment Industry Trends You Can't Ignore

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Recruitment is not an easy task it requires a lot of creativity these days. The job market is also known as candidate-driven, the recruitment process is done at 360 degrees. This also includes current and rising trends in the recruitment industry. The root of recruitment experience from candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters themselves is progressing. 

Technology is interrupting the recruitment world too. So to maintain that growth the recruitment industry needs to constantly look forward. We have not just taken the words; we have done the research and took the views of the industry experts.

''When hiring key employees, there are only two qualities to look for: judgment and taste. Almost everything else can be bought by the yard.''  John W. Gardner.

Top 15 Recruitment Industry Trends

Here we are excited to share the recruitment strategies as well as an expert’s insight and practical tips to solve them. So Scroll down and check out these trends!

1. Recruitment Marketing

Well, recruitment marketing is the process of engaging and nurturing top talents using marketing talents. Recruitment marketing helps recruiters to attract job seekers to convert them into applicants. The main objective of HR is to follow the latest trends, which can help them in offering solutions to companies that can overcome new challenges.

2. Talent Pools

The talent pool is a database where recruiters keep the entire information on the candidate’s profile. The talent pool doesn’t only, the pool of candidates that have applied for a job but also those who have sourced and referred candidates as well. It provides HR recruiters with free candidate searches and identifies them further for the job openings. 

3. Candidate Experience

The purpose of candidate experience is determined by the job seekers feeling and attitudes they sense during the whole recruitment process. In any industry and corporate sector once in a while there comes a time when there is a job opening position in different sectors like Tech, marketing, and many others. Candidate experience is necessary because the candidate has much more professional experience with a positive and negative impact which will more likely to accept your job offer or they might think to apply in the future and can recommend others about your company.

4. Collaborative Hiring

Collaborative hiring is the process where both the recruiting team and other team members from different departments work together to find the right candidate to hire. It also involves a multistage process, allowing the candidates to meet more than two or three employees.

5. Recruitment Automation Tool

It is software that uses new technology to automate the recruitment process. There is an applicant tracking system and recruitment marketing software that is being used for the recruitment process. This software is mainly helpful for HR because it operates an automation tool for both applicant tracking systems and recruitment marketing solutions in a single platform.

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6. Inbound Recruiting

The inbound recruiting process is recruitment where recruiters actively and continually attract candidates to be chosen as their next employer. This recruiting creates an amazing experience through employer brand content and marketing strategies that help companies to build a relationship with top talent.

7. AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI is in the list of must-haves in the recruiter's toolbox. Artificial Intelligence is formed which helps candidates in automating candidate sourcing, recovery, and matching, to hiring remote candidates and also creating customized employee value propositions there is N number of uses of AI in recruitment marketing which keeps growing with time. 

8. Flexible workforce

There are many companies whose workforce already consists of a combination of full-timers, freelancers, and contractors. Nowadays candidates like to work independently i.e. they can work from anywhere they want they don’t want the traditional employee system. Technology places a big role in this kind of freelancing work people can use their smartphones and should have internet access anywhere

There is one positive note when you are working with freelancers it can be a good way for a company to find out if those people like to become full-time employees. The levels of satisfaction for independents have never been high as they have been in the present situation. According to the research, 74% of candidates say they are highly satisfied.

Flexible workforce

9. Diversity Hiring

We can explain diversity in a broad sense i.e. gender, ethnicity, geography, and age. Diversity and initiatives have proven too many offers with more benefits, such as improvement in employee happiness, productivity, and retention, and also a positive reflection on your brand. As time goes there is a change in the diversity hiring efforts too. So let’s see how we can think of a digital marketplace that connects employers. 

10. Data Security

In the European Union, they implemented the General Data Protection Regulation in last year I .e.2019. It is not at all possible to think of candidates' or employees' data without thinking of the protection of their data. Companies do like it or not but recruitment compliance has now become a theme for every particular recruitment technology that uses people’s data. Companies had to be ready with the GDPR implementation. 

11. Companies are hiring for soft skills

Skills are the future of the recruitment market. In the market, there is a shortage of soft skills candidates. For any company or organization, the most important thing is the candidate should know how to communicate when to speak n, etc. In today’s world, people are accepting the change of technology the learning process of technology but people are not accepting they need to build up soft skills i.e. communication skills. Recruiters should look for employable skills such as creativity, imagination, intuition, and curiosity.

12. The convincing employer is tough to attract candidates 

In the era of the competitive world, a compelling employer brand is crucial it is not easy to attract the best candidates. According to the research on LinkedIn, 75% of job seekers consider an employer brand before even applying. An attractive brand has a difference in finding the perfect person for the role. Nowadays perception of the expectations of the top employer is changing. Candidates are not just giving importance to the pay, and corporate prestige: they also want culture, values, and ethics where they work.

13. Give importance to personal branding

In today’s scenario, jobseekers are polishing their profits to become an essential personal branding tool. There are many ways of personal branding but in the current market, recruiters prefer LinkedIn as the best tool for personal branding. Around 500 million members across the world are active on social media channels. So there is a particular focus on LinkedIn it is also a professional network that is different from other social media channels.

14. In-house search

The recruiter's in-house are maximizing their expectations of their candidates by offering more service without speaking. Internal recruiters are known as front-line recruiters because they give an introduction to the business and will always understand the company culture more than a recruitment firm. Recruiting for an executive position requires the same kind of recruiting talent and the one who is aware of its talent.

15. Outdated Technologies

This is the era of technology. It is the year 2020. One cannot simply hire by preparing an excel sheet and just doing email. Neither just using Applicant Tracking System will lead you to the level of success. You cannot depend on anyone's features or software. You need to change it with time and technology. Invest in modern technology which is easy to use and easy to understand too. 

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Final Thoughts on Human Resource Recruitment

The industry is moving at a benchmark speed. But it is easy to understand and also easy to work with the same. Recruiter's tools are becoming more sophisticated the end goal also remains the same. To attract the right people the role is creating a beautiful candidate experience with a human touch.

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