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Cold Calling in Recruitment: Top Tips & Scripts for Recruiters

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Cold Calling is a Nuisance! 

Whether you work in recruiting or are affiliated with a staffing firm, you've probably come across this blunt statement a lot. Whoever said this, however, must not be aware of the current market trends and hiring statistics. And in various ways, recruiters are rising to the challenge of the remote globe. Hence, cold calling is not outdated. 

Cold calling in recruitment has changed to emphasise automation and personalisation more, but its core objective has stayed the same: building relationships of trust with potential candidates. It is still one of the most often used and effective strategies for finding qualified prospects and potential leads for growth. 

If you are finding it challenging to generate leads for your business through cold calling, it might be possible that you are doing it the wrong way. In this blog, you will get the best cold-calling recruitment tips and recruiter cold-calling scripts to improve your recruitment practices and techniques and master the art of cold-calling. 

Cold Calling Meaning in Recruitment

In the recruiting industry, cold calling refers to phone calls made by recruiters through a virtual call center to potential clients or applicants. Generally, the person and the prospect may not have had any verbal contact before. While recruiting, cold calling HR recruitment is done by contacting hiring managers, professionals, or possible job prospects. Recruiters connect with job seekers who may or may not be actively looking for employment to inform them of and encourage them to apply for open positions.

Best Recruitment Cold Calling Tips for Attracting Quality Candidates

1. Have apt knowledge of the job profile and the candidate

As a good recruiter, when you attempt to persuade a prospect to accept the role, you must be well aware of the unique qualities of the position. You should gather ample information from the hiring manager to be best prepared to answer the candidate's question confidently.  

You may also research similar occupations on other online forums for the same. Moreover, before you proceed further, you must comprehend the candidate’s compatibility with the vacancy. 

According to data, at least half of your prospects aren’t a suitable fit for your business. You can prioritise closing these particular candidates by establishing a client persona consistent with your company's area of expertise. Doing so will probably increase your chances of conversion and produce higher-quality sales.

2. Use a consultative sales strategy

You may agree that nobody likes being "sold" goods, but everyone prefers being asked about their concerns or suggestions for improving things. Similarly, a consultative sales technique in cold-calling candidates in recruitment can change a cold call into one that builds relationships. 

Finding the best client while having the appropriate intentions is the goal. Prospects value it when you take the time to comprehend their demands since it makes them feel you are on their side rather than merely making money. Lastly, you can use call center software to efficiently manage client interactions, ensuring that each prospect receives personalized attention.

3. Introduce your company

Making a solid first impression and setting the tone for the conversation should be accomplished by introducing your business. You may move on to the next part of your pitch by noting familiarity if the candidate says he is well-acquainted with the company or brand. 

It can be awkward if you tell the applicant, "I am calling from XYZ corporation," and they reply, "Sorry, I haven't heard about it." Therefore, unless you are working on vacancies for well-known international companies, gather information about your client or your firm that would attract potential candidates. It is always safer to quickly provide a brief introduction of the business to the prospects.

4. Work on engaging the leads online

LinkedIn used to get potential B2B leads

Linkedin is one of the most popular social networks for recruiters to connect with potential candidates. As we know, in both the personal and professional spheres, familiarity is always given preference. 

Connecting with your prospects on social media before making a cold call will help you establish a background for future conversations. You can add them to your social networking platforms and interact with their posts by giving likes or leaving insightful comments. E-mailing can also be an option to connect with prospects. Although, you should be careful not to be considered a spammer. 

5. Never miss highlighting your past successes.

Everyone wants the best for themselves and their business. Thus you should carefully display your best qualities without being pushy. It's crucial to be genuine, promote your successes, and allow the conversation to flow naturally. Use your current prospects and highlight the successes they have had to establish your credibility. 

6. Call openings should be on point

The prospect's first impression of you is formed during the first few seconds of the call. So, you must make a powerful first impression. By robust, we mean the absolute best.  Admit that you are interfering with their day and request permission before starting a brief talk.

Candidates typically use the first minute of your call to gauge whether or not the interview is worth their time. So pay attention to how you start a conversation and the first few lines. Your speech should reflect professional courtesy. Moreover, try to make the call as brief as possible. 

7. Take notes and script conversations

The most underappreciated yet crucial phase in the cold-calling process is script preparation. A planned script provides the talk with a flow, prevents interruptions, and aids in achieving your goal fast and effectively. One typical error that most recruiters make has a weak introduction. 

A compelling opening statement in the script is essential since it will determine whether the prospect wants to speak with you further. Moreover, you should learn from every successful or failed cold call. It is always better to discuss ideas, share lessons learned, and advance as a team. Calling tools such as FreJun help in recording and logging calls for reviewing and note-taking.

8. Following up with the leads is crucial

Research reveals that just 20% of leads are followed up and closed. In other words, a simple lack of follow-up causes 80% of potential leads to vanishing into thin air. However, a follow-up call to a prospect presents more difficulties than a cold call in many ways. Nonetheless, a follow-up call is typically what kickstarts the sales cycle. Even though it seems like a laborious operation, candidate closing depends on it. 

The importance of a follow-up is highlighted by the fact that many recruiters stop responding to fervent cold calls, which causes prospects to lose interest in the job profile.

9. Ask for Referrals from the candidates

Recruitment is a sales-oriented job, and like most salespeople, you, as a recruiter, may tend to maximise call volume to increase productivity and placements. While you should concentrate on applicants who are the best fit for the position you are working on, you shouldn't cut off calls immediately when you realise the applicant is unqualified for the job. In such a case, you can seek referrals. 

When a person recommends your recruitment agency to another prospect, the referral is credible because it is based on mutual respect. A successful cold call will not only assist you in hiring but will also provide you with the chance to expand your network of potential applicants.

10. Automate tasks

Automate tasks

Writing emails and reaching out to potential leads by saving time and effort is one of the key advantages of adopting AI and automation for cold calling. You may automate operations like locating prospects, confirming contact information, scheduling phone calls, sending follow-up emails, and updating your CRM using AI and automation tools. You can also use them to review your calls, offer commentary, and make suggestions for improvement.

Best Cold Calling Scripts for Recruiters

Cold Calling Script 1: Capture Your Prospect's Attention

Hello [Prospect’s name]! I am [Your name] from [Your company name]. Our team collaborate with individuals like you to support [value propositions 1, 2, and 3]. I've been researching [the name of the prospective client's company] and would like to learn more about [the difficulty you identified during your research]. Do you believe this could help with [common difficulties or pain points]?

Scenario 1: Yes! Definitely. Tell me more, please.

“At this point, you will ask them to take the next steps in your sales process, such as attending a demo, speaking with an Account Executive, or whatever else.”

Scenario 2: Sorry! I don’t have time right now. 

No problem! Can I give you a follow-up email for you to review whenever it's convenient? I can then get back to you tomorrow.

Cold Calling Script 2: Identifying Qualified Candidates

Hello, Good Morning/ afternoon/ evening! Is this [Candidate Name] speaking?

“Pause for the answer and proceed if it's a yes.” 

Sorry for disturbing you at this hour. But if it’s okay with you, I'd like to discuss a job opening for [Role] in the [Your Company Name] that could interest you. 

Scenario 1: Sorry! I am not interested. 

I can understand. It would be helpful if you’ll recommend someone in your acquaintance who might be interested in the role. 

“Politely end the conversation after thanking the prospect for her time.”

Scenario 2: Yes! I was looking for a job opportunity. 

Great! [Describe the Job Role, Ask about her experience, salary expectations, and other details crucial for the recruitment] 

Cold Calling Script 3: Approach potential hires

Hello [Candidate Name], [Your Name], this side. On behalf of [Company name], I'm hiring for the [Job Role] role.   [Connection name] recommended calling you, saying you might be interested in the position.  Have you got five minutes?

“If they agree to speak with you, introduce yourself clearly and tell them why you are calling.”

I believe your background would be a wonderful fit for the [job title] that we are seeking for. I would love to give you additional information about this chance.

“In response to a potential candidate who says: "I'm not interested.”

I completely get that. I'll go ahead and email the JD to you so you have it on hand or may use it to suggest a contact. We would be pleased to chat with you about it now or in the future because we believe you would be the right fit for this demanding role.

“Thank them for their time and continue if they respond negatively. If they agree, thank them for their time and assure them that you will follow up with the JD through email.”

Learn how to craft an effective Cold Recruiting Email Template

Rounding Up on Cold Calling in Recruitment

Recruitment cold-calling candidates are somewhat similar to sales. It is always about going into the world, seeking prospects, and completing deals. To make sure you have qualified candidates to hire, it's crucial to make cold calls to viable applicants. 

Additionally, it is crucial for job seekers because, according to the majority of experts, just 30% of all new positions are ever published. As a result, many job openings are never posted on job boards, potentially resulting in missed opportunities for the recruiter and the recruit.  

Even though the fundamentals of cold calling remain the same, current advancements in technology and communications have led to a change in cold calling methods. Before an official call, much work must be done to attract candidates. Just like following the aforementioned recruitment cold-calling tips before you dial a new number!

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