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10 Best Practices For Recruiting Via Social Media

author Written by Shiwangi Mishra October 27, 2020

10 Best Practices For Recruiting Via Social Media

In the previous decade, social media became one of the backbones of recruiting due to their capacity for outreach and availability. Over time, social media channels will only gain power, and 2020s will see more creative solutions and hiring ideas on these virtual platforms.

In fact, 92 percent of recruiters use social media to find high-quality candidates. Indeed, social media are one of the most effective and affordable methods to attract top talents and communicate with them. That’s why recruiters often rely on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to achieve the best results in their hiring process.

However, to have a quality presence, one needs to keep up with the trends and select the most efficient strategies. Because of that, we present you with ten best practices for recruiting via social media.

Social media recruiting trends

1. Online Reputation Development

Millennials and Generation Z seek information online, which is why it’s essential to create a strong online presence that speaks the company’s mission and values. Don't only offer facts because millennials love emotional connection. Embrace showing what your company stands for through powerful storytelling. Demonstrate that your employees don’t have to choose between ethics and beliefs, and showcase that everyone is welcome.

Besides, use social media to establish your company as the authority in the field and be consistent – let one message flow through all your values.

2. Networking With The Right People

Although it’s beneficial to be open to everyone, if you want to take your strategy to the next level, you ought to target the right people. Therefore, ensure that all your social media profiles are industry-specific and work on developing connections with leaders in your field. However, don’t fall into the trap of a generic approach. Instead, be intentional and individualize your communication, tailoring it to a specific person or company.

Thus, you have to address their interests if you want to achieve the best results. Clarify what it is that you offer and why collaborating would be fruitful for both of you.

3. Live Video Streaming and Passive Candidates Engagement

Make use of applications and social media that allow live streaming to engage with passive candidates but also with all the professionals and like-minded people in your field. Live streaming allows you to tell your story and to hold Q&A sessions. You can personalize the stream and give a glance at the organizational culture to the audience.

Besides, you can adjust the content to your target group and alter it according to their response and feedback. What matters the most is that live streaming will show your audience that you care and that their opinion is important to you.

4. The Power of Hashtags

Using the right hashtags will help you spread your message and increase its scope. It’s recommendable to determine what are the hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that job seekers follow. However, these hashtags will usually be generic, and you will have to examine and narrow them down. But don’t lose your hopes if there are no relevant hashtags in your industry. - Make your own and create a strategy that will get them trending. Make your hashtags unique and clear enough to convey the message of your brand.

5. LinkedIn Groups

Polishing and updating the company’s LinkedIn profile is one of the essential tasks of recruiting because this platform is number one for candidate sourcing. Yet, it’s not enough to optimize it and show that the company is recruiting. Join industry-relevant LinkedIn groups, be active, and participate. That might be the place where you will find the next top talent as they try to draw attention to their skills and expertise.

6. Diversify Your Social Media Platforms

Many companies feel like they need to follow an invisible set of rules and avoid having some social media platforms. Yet, it’s recommendable to be bold and different. If you can use every platform in your advance and convey a professional message on both LinkedIn and Instagram, you will have a greater outreach. Instagram and Snapchat will help you reach a younger audience of candidates, and you can use it for creating content with strong visuals.

7. Employee Help

Employee referral is always an advantage, and you can use your hires in social media recruiting too. They can share the company’s publications and recruiting adverts on their profiles to maximize the outreach. That way, your recruiting messages could have viral potential. However, it’s recommendable to create a corporate social media policy beforehand to prevent sending conflicting messages.

8. Non-Organic Social Media Advertising

Sometimes organic efforts don’t give the expected results, and it’s necessary to shift to paid advertising as most social media platforms allow their users to expand their message that way. If you worry about the price, Facebook is quite affordable, with the average ad being 0.64 dollars per click. Nevertheless, try to only use paid advertising when you’re actively hiring.

9. Quality Content

Although it’s a logical requirement, as this might be the essential step, it’s necessary to note that you need to pay attention to the quality of content you post. You might be posting frequently and investing a lot of money, but if the content doesn’t satisfy standards, the exposure won’t bring the desired results. Hence, ensure that all your campaign material and posts are useful, worthy of sharing, and entertaining.

10. Get tO Know Your Candidates

There are no quality strategies if they don’t target the right people. The internet and social media give you enough material and opportunities to get insights into the digital footprint of candidates from your industry. That information can help you discover what they need, what triggers their attention, and how to modify your content and tailor it to their needs.

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