How to hire candidates from Facebook?

author Written by January 15, 2020

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms we have today, and we all know that social media is hard to ignore. So Facebook has become one of the most popular social recruiting platforms among HR professionals because many people around the world spend a significant amount of their time on it.

How to Hire Candidates From Facebook

Today, people are turning to Facebook as a reliable employment tool because people spend most of their time on this platform. Posting your hiring ads on Facebook will make hiring easy because a lot of people will come across it on Facebook than on any other platform. Here are the top tips on how to hire a candidate from Facebook.

  • Finding Potential Candidates

    Facebook can be used as a proactive sourcing tool, and it has a powerful built-in search engine. This powerful built-in search engine uses publicly-available information listed in Facebook users profiles, and it allows you to find potential candidates who meet specific criteria using a filter.

  • Creating a Facebook page

    Opening an account and creating a complete profile is also essential here. You can create your company’s Career page or Corporate Facebook page. It is better to set up a Career and Corporate Facebook page separately, so that the message from the audience and purpose, will deliver on those two pages and not on the same page. But you can utilize your existing Corporate Facebook page if your company doesn’t have resources and enough time to manage two company Facebook pages.

  • Sharing your Company Culture

    Displaying a high culture within your company, like funny quotes, attracting photos, videos, which show what it looks like to work at your company. It makes good candidates see how your business looks like and how they operate beyond the advertisements. Doing this will attract a lot of candidates because people will want to become a part of the great company.

  • Create a Compelling Facebook Hiring Job ad

    Creating a compelling Facebook hiring job ad that will get people’s attention is another important step in hiring from Facebook. The tone of the voice is the first thing. The next thing is to create an attractive image and think of a great copy for the Facebook hiring job ad you create. Here, you will write an inspiring message that will make good candidates anxious to join and work in your organization. Lastly, remember to include the main link that leads to a job listing to make it easy.

  • You need to Promote your Facebook Hiring Job ads for free

    There are three channels to improve your job ads here: Facebook groups, the marketplace, and Referrals. Referrals can be done with just a single click and arrive at all of the employee's networks on the Facebook page. Facebook groups are places on Facebook, where individuals with the same interests assemble and share thoughts. While the marketplace is a comfortable destination on Facebook to find, purchase, and offer things to individuals in your community. The best stuff is for the three channels to be completely free to use.

  • Use Facebook Live

    Facebook Live streaming makes it easier to communicate with your potential candidates in real-time through live video and chat. The live video session is a unique chance to present your team and answer candidate’s questions in real-time and in a truly captivating and fun way!

Furthermore, Facebook will continue to be a powerful hiring instrument with new features turning out and new patterns developing every day. We can expect plenty of new opportunities for hirings, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals to connect instantly with a huge number of top-notch candidates through Facebook. Looking for a career where you can grow and learn new skills? Contact iSmartRecruit and see how we can help you better.

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