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6 Essential Qualities Recruiters are Looking for in Candidates

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It can be difficult to catch an employer’s attention. In today’s job market, you often need to show more than just the required qualifications to get noticed and hired. But what actually recruiters look for in potential employees? What are the skills and qualities they are looking for? These questions arise when candidates are appearing for interviews.

There are some jobs which call for an endless combination of skills. But the most common employee traits are often universal, whether you’re a software engineer, sales associate, or marketing manager. So you need to understand what are the good qualities that the Recruiters look for in a candidate.

In today's job market there is a lot of competition and the recruiter tries to find the best talent so How do you plan to Grab the attention? Do you know what the recruiters are looking for in the potential employees? Here are some qualities that recruiters are looking for in a candidate that can help you to make a great impression during the recruitment process:

Essential Qualities Recruiters

1. Passion

One of the most important qualities that a recruiter finds in a candidate is the passion for the work. Recruiters want to hire employees that are passionate about the work they do, the company they work for, and the product or service they are fighting for.

All of the employee qualities are certainly important, but not as important as being passionate about the work. Passion is the one trait that makes the most difference in employee output and their commitment towards your company. While a dispassionate employee may do their work for a while and get the job done, if they lack passion for the work, then they’re missing the key ingredient for sustained, long-term performance in the organization.

According to a survey from Deloitte, passion is made up of the following characteristics:

  • A long term commitment towards a specific domain or field that is goal-oriented and unruffled by short term turbulence.

  • A questioning disposition where they are always seeking knowledge and skills from new challenges.

  • A connecting disposition, meaning a tendency to form strong, trust-based, long-term relationships.

A passionate employee is more likely to attract customers and do that job better, so if you are passionate about the job you are applying for, the recruiter can sense it.

Here are some questions interviewers ask to find out if you are passionate about the job:

1. How would you stay up to date in your field?

2. What’s the one big question you try to solve regularly?

3. How would you connect with other professionals in your industry?

4. What makes you excited about this role?

5. What is the satisfying thing about this job?

6. How do you define success?

7. Why do you want to work for us?

8. What separates our product/service from others you’ve seen?

2. High EQ

Another factor that affects do you mean hire by a company is your EQ level. Companies want to hire employees that have high EQ or high emotional quotient. Candidates with low EQ tend to damage the work environment as they demotivate themselves as well as the other employees and then the management has to spend a lot of time rectifying this by converting the negative work environment to a positive and zealous environment.

Here are the three simple attributes that allow Emotionally Intelligent people to rise above and capture the attention of both current and prospective employers:

Motivation to Improve in All Areas

Some employees take an active interest in continuous improvement to stay on top of their craft, but hard skills will only take them so far. People with high Emotionally Intelligent strive hard to continue learning in all areas including their soft skills in communications, leadership, problem-solving, and time management. Utilizing strengths in both skillsets and balancing them is what will take projects and initiatives to the finish line.

Ability to Energize and Influence Others

Team Leadership quality is very similar to Emotional Intelligence because it is the candidates’ ability to persuade and motivate themselves and others. This ability to influence others can be applied to every area from the success of a project to positively affect company culture.

Ability to Handle Leadership Challenges

The element of team leadership above must also include the ability to handle leadership challenges that occur in the organization. Whether it is a challenge that necessitates conflict resolution or quick problem solving, one of the attributes of high EQ individuals that is essential: remaining calm under pressure. This attribute is essential to employers looking for an individual that can keep a team on track despite the obstacles and deliver great results!

3. Commitment

Every company wants to hire a candidate who is committed to the work as committed employees tend to yield greater results. Also, a company does not want to be always engrossed in the hiring process and keep looking for new people and then investing time in training them to align them with the company culture and work environment.

Committed employees stay with the company for a long period and fit perfectly well with the company culture and work environment.

Why is work commitment important?

There are several reasons why commitment is important in the workplace. One of the most important reasons is that it allows an organization to meet its goals and stick to its vision and mission. Without a motivated workforce, an organization may lose all that they have earned over the years, be it respect or their market position and brand value.

Commitment at work leads to better productivity and therefore better profits. Imagine having employees that are not committed to what they do in an organization, Such employees tend to use their time at work surfing the internet for personal pleasure or even looking for other job opportunities. This is an ultimate waste of time and resources.

4. Communication


Communication is of utmost importance in any job place and a candidate with good communication skills is more likely to be hired by the recruiters.

The candidate should be smart and know their way around all types of verbal and nonverbal communication medium like social media emails, telephonic communication, face to face conversations, and others. This quality helps to build good business relations and deal with other functions in an organization. Even if a candidate gets rejected in the interview, good communication can help them stay connected with the employer for any opportunities in the future.

5.  Track Record

Candidates often think that their years of experience are the only thing that matters but they must also remember that having a good track record along with experience is what matters.

Having a good track record where a candidate has outperformed the job and has positive reviews from previous employers always boosts the chances of a candidate being hired for good job positions in the best companies.

So a candidate must always highlight the work they did in the previous companies, what obstacles defaced and what decisions they took to overcome that and all their achievements. This shows the candidates' capabilities and their credibility.

6. Teamwork


A company is not run by a single person and teamwork is essential for all from a Startup to multinational corporations. No employer likes to hire a candidate who does not do well in working in a team and gets more efficient and faster results. The candidate should be a team player and bring positivity to the work environment.

If you are actively seeking a job or already have a job but may look for a better job position in the future these are some of the qualities that you must develop to be recruited to your desired job position in a well-reputed company.

Teamwork is a key quality in any candidate for the following reasons:

Learning Increases

An individual learns more regarding work in a group rather than when it is done alone. When an employee interacts with the team, the probability of learning increases. There’s a constant flow of creative ideas, which shapes the new recruit’s thinking creatively, i.e,  out of the box thinking. It will also make you a more accountable person as he/she will feel responsible for the team while making work deliveries.

Being a team player increases the new employee’s work ethics and also enhances their knowledge about the company’s culture. This will help the employee to settle better in the organization.

Collaboration Results In Success

Each and every employee should focus on their individual performances, however, if the team doesn’t succeed, the individual’s hard work is of no use.

Once a candidate knows how to work with a team, they know how to collaborate and calibrate with them. This helps them to sync up with the team well and give a helping hand when required. 

Increases Transparency

When you recruit candidates who believe in teamwork, there’s very little or no chance of miscommunication between the employees. The transparency increases and employees trust each other, which is very important in a team.

The Bottom Line

These qualities will help you make an impression and score more points as compared to your peers as the recruiters want to hire the best candidate in the market for the company.

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