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author Written by Bhavisha Dudharejiya June 1, 2020

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If you are a recruitment firm or an organization looking to hire the top talent, the best way to do so is by attracting the right candidate. One of the most important ways to attract candidates for a job position and compel them to apply is a great job description. So, here are some tips to write a great job description: 


Be Clear With The Pay Close Job Title

Usually, people tend to search for a job by the job title. So, as a recruiter, you must use clear and precise job titles when putting up a job posting. Instead of using a creative job title, stick to the simple titles that are universally understood and save up that creativity for the other parts of the job description.


Be Transparent About The Responsibilities

When reading a job description, one of the things that a candidate wants to know is the roles and responsibilities is involved in the job position. So, must be transparent about the responsibilities when you write the job description. You can list the duties in bullet points so it quickly catches the candidate’s eye.


Tell Them About The Company

Make a point to add a little information about your company in the job description. Not all job hunters may know about your company, so telling them about your organization can give them insight about the company culture, your missions, and goals and other important information that may make your company more appealing. This can also lead them to choose your company over a competitor when a similar job position is offered. 


Avoid Superlatives

When writing a job description, you may be tempted to use superlatives like best, world-class, pioneers, rock stars, or perfectionists to make the job position more attractive but that may lead to a candidate not applying for the job position. The reason could be that such words can make the job look more intimidating and the candidate may shy away from it. Use words that explain the job position as it is and not too demanding.


Formatting Matters

Many people do not consider the format of the text they put in a job posting as they do not consider it important. If your text is not well-formatted, it may look too cluttered and a candidate may miss out on some important information that would have led them to apply for the job. To get more traffic to your job postings, make sure that the job description is 150 or more words long.


Include Salary and Benefits

The one thing that every job seeker wants to know the salary and the benefits that a company offers for the job position. So, you must mention the salary and benefits like paid leaves, medical insurance, loans, pension, travel reimbursement, or any other benefits that your company offers. If the salary is not fixed, you can always present the job position with a salary range. 


Create urgency for the position

A secret weapon to gain a higher number of job applicants is by creating an urgency for a job position. Even if you are not in immediate need of new employees, a sense of urgency can make an applicant immediately. This urgency can be created by providing a joining date.

Candidates spend a lot of time searching for jobs and read many job descriptions in a day so your job postings must be more appealing and unique than the others to hold their interest and apply for the job.


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