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How Does ATS Help Recruiters Conduct Collaborative Hiring? 🤝

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In the past years, hiring managers used to make all the crucial decisions in the hiring process. However, this approach has been redefined with time. Currently, the best hiring process is designed in such a way that takes collective feedback and ideas of the team to make the hiring more effective and efficient and hire the top quality candidates in the organisation. 

The collaborative hiring model allows the team to engage with a diverse group of talent and provide a positive candidate experience. This way, the hiring process will become more inclusive as every team member participates. Also, this recruitment model enables the hiring managers to take various perspectives and creative ideas from the team to make hiring more efficient.

The major benefit Collaborative hiring provides is that it supports the unity work of the team and designs a process of collective feedback, transparency, and trust. This strengthens the company culture, and every team member feels valued and an integral part of the team. Hence, candidates will get a positive sense of the company, which eventually improves the retention rate and increases the growth of the company. Let’s understand what collaborative hiring is. 

What is Collaborative Hiring?

Collaborative hiring - also known as a team-based hiring process where the team member works together and engage in the recruitment process to hire the most suitable candidate. Generally, it involves people who are hiring managers, recruiters, HR managers, executives, and other current employees from different departments. 

This approach works finest as it takes collective feedback from the team to reach an optimal decision which works the best. Let’s look at the role of the ATS in collaborative hiring.

Collaborative Hiring with ATS

ATS is an AI-based recruitment software designed to manage various recruitment tasks and ultimately make the hiring process efficient by hiring the perfect candidates according to the company’s requirements. 

In addition, ATS enable collaborative hiring for recruiters and hiring managers by providing features that help teams to customise their recruitment workflow and engage every member in the process. Following are those features and how the hiring people can leverage maximum benefits from it.

Recruitment dashboard in ATS

Recruitment dashboards enable the hiring team, recruiters, and hiring managers to get information on the candidates' details and their real-time application status and stay up-to-date. The people in the hierarchy can customise the access to roles and visibility for the hiring team. Also, they can manage and assign hiring tasks to team members.

Also, the hiring manager can get an overview of the overall hiring process and monitor the team’s activity in real-time in one place. As a result, the hiring manager can make informed decisions.

Interview scheduling tool and notes tool

Make a list of options according to the availability of the hiring team and send an automatic video interview link and the essential information to the candidates. This eventually saves the cost and time of the recruiting team. 

Also, the one-way video interview feature allows recruiters and hiring teams to assess candidates in different time zone and let them analyse and provide feedback to the applicants according to the time they are not occupied.  

one way video interview

Inaddition, the notes option in Applicant Tracking System enables the team to let everyone know about the status of the scheduled interviews and the candidates’ details. 

Also, by using recruitment software such as ATS and CRM tool, recruiters and hiring teams can enhance the candidate experience and decrease unconscious bias and the time-to-hire process with one-way video interviews. 

Website and calendar integration

ATS provide multiple integration options to work collaboratively. It allows website integration with various job board channels and social media platforms. As a result, the job Ads will be posted on multiple platforms once the recruiter or HRs update the advertisement on the career page. 

On the other hand, The integration with the calendar enables hiring managers to harmonise the schedules of various recruitment tasks and set a priority for a particular task which is more important. This feature becomes handy while scheduling an interview with the candidates. 

Job approval workflow via ATS

The hierarchy structure in the organisation can manage with ATS by the approval of the job feature in the candidate tracking software. It facilitates teams and the hierarchy to work in a coordinated manner. The feature lets teams approve in multi-level approval as per the order of a particular open job created within the system. Also, it provides status once the job is approved by a particular hierarchy, and one can track the status. This way, the whole team, including the people who are in the leading position, will be able to work in an adequate manner. 

Employee referral portals

In collaborative hiring, the employee referral portal becomes more effective because, in this type of team-based hiring approach, team members have a better understanding of the recruitment need. They have a clear idea of what kind of skills and qualifications they are looking for in the candidate. Therefore, they will be able to recommend the talent accurately for the job role as they understand the necessity of job demands from candidates. According to Formstack, More than half (56%) of employee referrals who were surveyed for the study said they've been in their current role for more than five years.

Employee Referrals

Also, this way, the employee referral program will be more transparent. Utilising the employee referral portal in ATS enables the team members to suggest great employees for the open role. Moreover, The team members can send a direct link to the applicant they expect to refer. Also, they will get an option to choose a particular job and a suitable candidate for that job in the employee referral portal. 

Personalised communication portal

This feature allows the team to avoid lengthy formal communication by providing an option to make real-time conversations with other team members, recruiters, and hiring managers. Every member can communicate in one place. This feature streamlines communication for every team member involved in the recruitment. It Boosts smooth communication by using client and candidate portals. 

Final Thought on Collaborative Hiring With ATS

Indeed, it is true that the organisation get multiple benefits by implying a collaborative approach in the recruiting process. However, before starting collaborative recruitment, hiring managers must set guidelines and provide the right training, as it is vital to conduct hiring smoothly. Lastly, using the right tools, such as ATS and Recruiting CRM System, in this collaborative recruitment process is crucial to make it more efficient. 

Collaborative hiring is effective as it enables to get the expertise of various employees to reach the optimal decision. Also, it brings more diversity to the team by taking collective team feedback, Promotes to do open communication and brings transparency to the recruitment workflow. With the right tool, this type of hiring can be done efficiently and effectively. 

Do you want to conduct collaborative hiring effectively by hiring the best-quality candidate? Click below to discover more on how to Involve every team member and make them feel valued in cooperative recruitment. 

CTA of collaborative hiring

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