Talent Acquisition vs Talent Management vs Human Resource

author Written by Rakshanda Jadeja March 16, 2020

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Talent acquisition, talent management, and HR are three words that are often used interchangeably but these three terms are far from synonymous. They are exclusively used in their special manner and they each bring unique factors to the recruitment process. As an HR professional, you have no scope for misconceptions and you must always have clarity about what you are involved with. So,  you must make sure that you use the right technology to have smooth communication with the candidates as well as among your own team. The terms Talent acquisition, talent management, and HR have different meanings, and these teams each have their own different functions and roles. So, let's dive in and once and for all, get these terms straight:

Roles and Functions of the Talent Management Team

Talent Management is the continuous process of creating and maintaining employees all through an organization. The work of a Talent Management expert includes:

  • Mentor high-potential employees
  • Convey employee training programs
  • Reward and mentor employees and promote them

Roles and Functions of the What is Talent Acquisition Team

Talent Acquisition is a way to pull in and hire gifted employees to satisfy an organization's business needs. The work of a Talent Acquisition expert includes:

  • Building a solid brand to attract the best candidates
  • Creating a candidate pipelines to meet present and future business needs
  • Keep up associations with past candidates for future chances
  • Deliberately source potential candidates from different backgrounds

What are Human resources?

Human Resources or the HR team is responsible for hiring new employees and walking them through the pre and post onboarding process. This team is responsible for candidate acquisition and management. They look after the hiring team, the training and also, manage the applications for the job position. Once a candidate is hired, HR is responsible for the workplace policies, reward system, and all other employee engagement programs. They are also responsible for letting go of the employees.


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Each organization will investigate its dynamics like size, objectives, budget and so forth and afterward, decide to implement these HR divisions in their workspace. It is completely upon the firm if they want these three different divisions or if they want to operate under a single division.

The more these three departments coordinate and work together, the better results they will deliver. Discovering talent will be part of the talent acquisition team’s work and the candidates hired will be looked after by the talent managers by bringing their onboarding, preparing and management skills to use.

So, both these divisions are responsible for the smooth working of the HR department. Talent acquisition and management are both important profiles that are necessary for a well functioning HR Department. There might be discrete groups investigating every one of these fields yet they should work in synchronization to achieve significant results.

A firm or an organization should make the essential courses of action for a completely working HR wing, that has both the talent acquisition and talent management divisions working in their full potential.

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