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Best Talent Acquisition Software: In-depth Guide for 2024

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Are you one of those hiring professionals who spend hours of time manually reviewing candidate resumes and segmenting applications? 

Are you tired of that tedious hiring workflow and are looking for a better solution? 

Do you often wonder if there is a way to overcome this? 

Fortunately, there is a way!! 

Talent Acquisition Software is a one-stop solution to mitigate all your hiring challenges. This tool is a highly scalable solution that will help you conduct an end-to-end talent acquisition process smoothly and make it more effective and efficient for both your recruitment teams and candidates. 

With the Talent Acquisition Software Solution, you can hire the top candidates (passive & active talent) faster in this fiercely competitive market. Want to know how? 

To help you, we have researched thoroughly and prepared this comprehensive guide on the Talent Acquisition System and everything around it that you must know before purchasing the system to streamline your Talent Acquisition process. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

First, what is talent acquisition? Let's understand it together. 

Talent Acquisition Meaning

Talent acquisition is the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, and hiring the right candidates for the open position. In a corporate setting, it often falls under the human resource (HR) umbrella.  

Talent acquisition is immensely important for businesses as it improves productivity and growth to still remain competitive in the market. 

So, a strong talent acquisition strategy makes it easier for organisations to source and attract job seekers. Also, it helps to create a powerful employer brand and network with passive candidates. 

How to Acquire Best Talents to Your Firm?  

Basically, the talent acquisition process is a long-term and proactive approach to creating talent pipelines.

To conduct the end-to-end TA process and workflow effectively, recruitment specialists use Talent Acquisition Software solutions. Let's understand the meaning of the talent acquisition system and how it helps recruiters, talent acquisition specialists and HRs. 

What is Talent Acquisition Software?

Talent Acquisition Software is a tech-based recruitment solution designed to automate manual workflow and streamline the TA process. 

The software is used by recruiters, hiring & HR managers, HR professionals, and talent acquisition specialists and partners to conduct the following hiring tasks. 

  • Automate admin work and job posting 
  • Source candidates
  • Attract a wide range of talent 
  • Track applications
  • Engage and nurture talent in the candidate pool
  • Evaluate talent 
  • Manage resumes 
  • Onboard suitable applicants 
  • Centralised candidate database
  • Enhanced team collaboration & communication

Also, it is known as the Talent Acquisition System or Talent Acquisition Platform, which comes with reporting and analytics features to help the hiring managers monitor the success rate of the hiring process, locate the improvement areas and make team-based informed decisions. 

Talent Acquisition Software to acquire top talent

In addition, this Talent Acquisition Solution is an all-in-one platform for corporate HRs, whether they want to create a personalised career page to showcase their positive company culture, design a customised workflow as per recruitment needs, or onboard new hires. 

Let’s now explore some of the best strategies talent acquisition specialists can implement to conduct a streamlined and efficient TA workflow. 

Innovative Talent Acquisition Strategies for Recruiters

The talent acquisition strategy is a personalised approach implemented by organisations to find, attract, assess, and hire suitable candidates as per requirements to achieve long-term objectives.

Consider the following proven TA strategies to conduct a successful talent acquisition process. 

  • Create harmony with business goals
  • Run a killer recruitment marketing campaign
  • Implement outreach expansion strategy 
  • Create a strong employer branding  
  • Prioritise positive candidate's experience 
  • Increase the budget for the DE&I strategy implementation
  • Set a fruitful employee referral program
  • Promote internal diversity
  • Offer learning and development opportunities 

Want the elaborated version of the abovementioned strategies? If so, then click the below image and learn more.  

Meaning of Talent Acquisition along with Process & Strategies

Top 5 Benefits of Talent Acquisition Software

1. Enable Collaborative Hiring

Sometimes, recruiters and recruitment teams struggle to involve hiring managers in the talent acquisition process, which eventually results in bad hires. A survey conducted by Zippia concluded that 86% of employees in leadership roles blame lack of collaboration as the top reason for workplace failures.  

According to a survey conducted by Gallup found that 51% of hiring managers are not engaged in the talent acquisition process. 

However, with a robust talent acquisition solution, the whole team can access the recruitment dashboard and see the current activities and status of the process. This way, everyone feels valued and participates in the process. 

2. Automate Manual Hiring Tasks 

Shifting through Excel sheets, manually checking applications, posting open jobs on multiple platforms, and scheduling interviews are way more time-consuming and take an ample amount of effort from recruiters. So, 76% of businesses utilise automation for standardising or automating daily workflows, as found in a survey report by Paperform.

Talent Acquisition Software usage to reduce time-to-fill.

AI-powered TA software eliminates all these drawbacks of the repetitive and tedious process by automation and makes the process faster and more accurate. 

It reduces time-to-hire by automating job posting to various social media platforms and job boards, collecting, storing, and segmenting candidates’ information, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and securing top talent with the e-signatures option. 

3. Enhance Candidate Experience

As mentioned in HRDIVE, 75% of people now working at an organisation where they had a positive candidate experience said the hiring process influenced their decision to accept their job offer.

Indeed, candidate experience is a crucial parameter for every organisation nowadays as it helps them to win top talent in a highly competitive market. 

This is where the Talent Acquisition Platform becomes a lifesaver as it enables recruitment professionals to communicate seamlessly from the application to the offer stage (or rejection stage). 

4. More Efficient Recruitment Process

It is true that talent acquisition is a complicated process and differs from company to company. However, Talent Recruitment Software offers automation and effective candidate database management, which influences the recruitment process in a positive way. 

It provides accurate insight into the hiring process that enables hiring managers to find and eliminate the inefficiency in the process and make more data-driven hiring decisions. This way, the whole recruitment workflow will be more efficient.  

5. Better Hiring Results

A talent acquisition platform enables the recruitment team to reduce the time to hire faster and maintains the quality of the hire. Hence, 68% of recruiting professionals say that the best way to elevate recruiting performance over the next five years is by investing in new talent acquisition technology, according to the G2 survey.

With that, it improves employee retention rates and hiring managers' satisfaction rates by conducting efficient processes and making successful recruitment decisions. 

Also, the average cost-per-hire is lesser than the manual recruitment process, so the software not only automates the process but also improves company profitability. 

Reasons Why Recruiters Use Talent Acquisition Software

How to Implement a Talent Acquisition System? 

The implementation process may differ depending on the software and the organisation. 

Working closely with vendors and following their guidelines will help you successfully deploy the Talent Acquisition System. 

In order to implement the Talent Acquisition System requires the following key steps. 

  • Identify your talent acquisition goals and needs
  • Get every team member on board 
  • Research and compare different vendors 
  • Take a demo and trial
  • Pricing & Negotiation
  • Plan and prepare for implementation
  • Train your team 
  • Test and optimise
  • Monitor and maintain
How to Successfully Implement Talent Acquisition Software

Common Challenges While Rolling Out Talent Acquisition Software

Implementing a new talent acquisition system can be difficult sometimes, as the talent acquisition team may need more support to adapt and get familiar with the system. 

Here's the list of potential obstacles hiring professionals face while rolling out the new system. 

  • Resistance to adopting a new system
  • Selection of optimal system 
  • Issues with Integration
  • Data migration quality 
  • Technical matters: Downtime, data loss, or software bugs
  • Customisation and configuration
  • Data privacy and security
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates 
  • Training and skill development

To overcome the issues with adaption to the new system, employers must select a reliable vendor, prioritise data privacy and security, documentation and conduct knowledge-sharing sessions.  

What is Remote Talent Acquisition?

Well, Remote Talent Acquisition is not completely different from the in-office acquisition approach. 

The only slight difference in online talent acquisition is that the process focuses on finding, attracting and eventually hiring qualified candidates who can work from home. The process is all about candidate sourcing who possess the skills and capabilities to work efficiently in an online or distributed work environment. 

To conduct virtual recruitment effectively, remote recruiters and talent acquisition teams can use the following tools. Here’s the list. 

Key Benefits of Remote Talent Acquisition

  • Increased Flexibility 
  • Access to a global talent pool 
  • Reduced Time-to-Hire & Cost-Per-Hire
  • Less geographical constraints     
  • Enhanced diversity and inclusion in recruitment 
  • Improved work-life balance for TA teams

Tools and Technology for Remote Talent Acquisition

Let us now explore the advantages of the remote talent acquisition process. 

Remote Talent Acquisition 

How to Automate the Talent Acquisition Process?

What does automated talent acquisition mean? It involves streamlining the entire acquisition workflow by using Recruitment Automation Software to organise and manage the manual and administrative tasks associated with the process. 

Automating the talent acquisition process can exponentially enhance efficiency, reduce hiring time, and enable TA professionals to provide a better candidate experience. 

The following are the ways to automate the talent acquisition process. 

  • Analyse your current talent acquisition process and identify the repetitive tasks which can be automated. 
  • Streamline candidate management by implementing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Use resume screening tools for quick candidate shortlisting. 
  • Employ recruitment chatbots and virtual assistants for immediate candidate support. 
  • Record applicants’ responses and make it easy to review and compare applicants with automated video interview platforms. 
  • Automate personalised candidate communication with email automation tools. 
  • Leverage automated background screening and utilise technology to check candidates’ backgrounds quickly for particular information.
  • Review and analyse your automated talent acquisition process continuously to identify improvement areas and fine-tune automation workflows.  
Set Up Recruitment Automation

Talent Acquisition vs Recruiting

People in the hiring market use these two terms interchangeably. However, there is a distinct difference between talent acquisition and recruiting in terms of scope and approach. Here’s a quick comparison. 

Talent Acquisition

  • Long-term focus on talent development 
  • A proactive approach to finding and hiring the right candidate for the open role. 
  • Concentrate on the strategic approach for hard-to-fill positions 
  • Often, hiring & recruiting metrics include attrition and quality of hire 


  • Short-term focus 
  • Reactive approach and a subset of recruiting to source candidates to fill immediate staffing requirements. 
  • For high-volume hiring, usually for entry-level employees 
  • Metrics usually include time-to-hire and cost-per-hire 
the difference between Proactive vs Reactive Recruitment

Indeed, talent acquisition and recruiting play a crucial role in finding and hiring talented individuals. Both require hiring professionals to build strong relationships and network with top talent. 

However, talent acquisition requires a more holistic approach and future-oriented company goals. 

Talent Acquisition Software & HRIS

The TA solution is specially designed to simplify and manage the recruitment process, while the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a comprehensive system built to manage all HR functions. 

So, when the software integrates with HRIS, it can provide a streamlined data exchange and efficient talent acquisition process. 

Here’s how you can integrate your talent acquisition system with HRIS. 

  • Identify your integration needs
  • Choose compatible TA software
  • Coordinate with the software vendor
  • Integration scope and mapping
  • Data synchronisation 
  • Configure system settings 
  • Test the integration 
  • Evaluate & improve

This way, by integrating the TA system with HRIS, the recruitment team can transfer data seamlessly, improve candidate experience and efficiency, streamline and set up compliance and better workforce planning, and enable data-driven decision-making. 

What is the Role of AI in Talent Acquisition?

Use AI in Talent Acquisition

AI plays an indispensable role in increasing the efficiency of the talent acquisition process. 

AI algorithms have the capability to analyse huge amounts of applicant data, recognise patterns, and, based on that, make predictions. This way, AI improves the recruiters’ productivity and efficiency. 

It is an imperative tool for hiring professionals to source suitable candidates effectively within the candidate database. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables AI to interpret text-based information and improve automatic candidate and job matching. Also, it helps in job description optimisation. 

AI-powered assessment tools to screen candidates’ skills efficiently and offer valuable insights to make hiring decisions.  

AI-based analytics tools help talent acquisition teams to analyse the performance of the talent acquisition process. 

Also, it mitigates bias in the hiring process and fosters diversity, which is an essential element for job seekers while searching for a job. 

In addition, it is true that candidate experience is an important factor for every organisation, and AI technology improves overall candidate interaction and engagement. 

As a result, candidate experience is also enhanced, which ultimately boosts the employer brand. 

Finally, AI in recruitment helps recruiters and talent acquisition professionals to optimise sourcing and recruitment strategies by offering valuable data analytics insights. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in Talent Acquisition

DEI strategy is a top priority of HR leaders.

Indeed, diversity, equity and inclusion are vital parameters in the talent acquisition process. It helps organisations to bring various ranges of perspectives that eventually lead to innovative and creative solutions. 

DEI will increase employee engagement, foster an inclusive environment and improve employee retention and satisfaction rates. 

Prioritising DEI helps an organisation to showcase a positive work environment and strong employer brand. 

As a result, 32% of job seekers choose not to apply for a job if the company lacks diversity in its workforce, according to research done by Glassdoor.  

The following are the ways in which Talent Acquisition Software helps implement DEI strategy. 

Unbiased assessment 

AI algorithms screen & parse resumes and candidate applications bias-freely.  

Diversity analytics

The analytics and reporting help to measure progress in DEI initiatives. 

A Guide to Diversity Talent Sourcing

Language and Tone Analysis

The job description parser tool analyses the job description and checks inclusive language and tone, which helps to create diverse talent pipelines for growth. 

Promote blind hiring

The software anonymises candidate information and removes identifying information such as names and genders to increase fair hiring. 

Structured Interviews and Assessment

The standard evaluation format of structured interviews mitigates unconscious bias and promotes objective decision-making. 

Structured Interviews via Talent Acquisition Software

Talent acquisition software helps in conducting structured interviews and increases transparency and accountability.

Future of Talent Acquisition  

The scope of the Talent Acquisition Tool is currently increasing. However, it will be higher with the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Communication will be more effective

Communication with candidates will improve and become more fluid via the use of a recruitment chatbot and conversational AI interface and eliminate the communication gap between recruiters and candidates. 

Assess talent more effectively

The information of the hired candidates during the application process can be utilised to train machine learning models and can be implemented to screen applicants more efficiently. 

Higher demand for mobile recruiting

AI can eliminate manual workflow and help managers to make better hiring decisions. However, with the exponential usage of mobile devices, the need for mobile-friendly TA software will also increase. 

A mobile recruiting feature in Talent Acquisition System is essential. 

Real-time hiring analytics

The future landscape of talent acquisition will demand real-time insights to make the process more efficient and make better hiring decisions, and constantly enhance your recruitment strategies for higher growth. 

More diverse talent

Nowadays, diversity, equity, and inclusion are becoming essential parameters for organisations. Hence, in the future upgradation of the TA tool demands a feature to find and hire diverse candidates and also track the DE&I metrics in the candidate pipeline. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Talent Acquisition

According to a Statista survey report, In the AR & VR market, the number of users is expected to amount to 2,593.00m users by 2027.

The talent acquisition industry will not be an exception in the usage of VR/AR technology as it will offer an immersive experience to the candidates that will let them explore the work environment and gain realistic insights virtually about the organisation.

Latest Recruiting Trends that HR must Implement in 2023

What are the Best Skills of a Talent Acquisition Specialist? 

A talent acquisition specialist is responsible for sourcing, attracting, nurturing, evaluating and hiring the most suitable candidates for an organisation. 

While conducting the talent acquisition process, they have to keep in mind the long-term goals of the organisation. 

To conduct a smooth talent acquisition process, TA specialists must have the following skills. 

  • Strong communication 
  • Human resource planning 
  • Workforce planning & management 
  • Amazing negotiation skills
  • Recruitment expertise
  • Relationship building
  • Analytical skills 
  • Strategic thinking
  • Time management
  • Cultural awareness
  • Continuous learning
  • Technology savvy
12 Key Skill Requirements for Talent Acquisition Specialist

Talent Acquisition Analytics for Data-driven Hiring 

According to research, bad hires affect business via less productivity (37%), time taken to recruit and train another worker (32%) and compromised quality of work (31%)

To avoid such issues, hiring teams must leverage talent recruitment analytics to make data-driven decisions, streamline the TA process and employ only suitable candidates. 

Here's how you can benefit from talent recruitment analytics and recognise areas for improvement. 

  • Identify what you want to achieve with talent analytics 
  • Determine the key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Leverage Analytics and reporting feature 
  • Collect data insights 
  • locate areas which need improvisation 
  • Enhance analytical capabilities with a recruitment analytics dashboard 
  • Monitor sourcing & recruitment channels 
  • Measure diversity and inclusion
  • Keep an eye on your progress

By measuring key metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and quality of hire, the recruitment team can refine their talent acquisition strategy based on feedback and make it optimal over time. 

optimise your complete recruiting process with recruitment analytics 

7 Best Practices of Talent Acquisition

The best way to conduct an effective talent acquisition process is to follow and embrace current trends and best practices. 

Here are seven best practices for talent acquisition you need to start practising. 

1. Define Clear Job Requirements

Precisely determine what skills, qualifications, and experience are required to apply for the open position. The recruitment team can collaborate with hiring managers to create accurate job descriptions to attract more candidates. 

2. Develop a Comprehensive Talent Acquisition Strategy

Hiring managers must ensure the talent acquisition strategy aligns with the organisation's prime goals and objectives. 

Also, they need to check whether the recruitment plan outlines the sourcing techniques, selection parameters, recruitment channels, etc.  

3. Track Your Talent Pool Regularly

Constantly build strong relationships with potential talent and ask them if they are interested when the position is open in your organisation. 

Review your talent pool database when new vacancies are available to source suitable candidates faster. 

Maintain a talent pool to proactively interact and engage with applicants who may be a perfect fit for future positions.

4. Talent Management

Indeed, managing talent effectively is crucial to talent acquisition. Hence, it is vital to provide new hires with opportunities to learn and improve by providing training and development programmes. 

Talent management practice also ensures that candidates have higher morale, which eventually leads to increased productivity and engagement. 

Manage your talent effectively with Talent Management Software

5. Use Multiple Sourcing Channels

The TA team must advertise the open jobs on the top sources where they get suitable candidates faster. Utilise a multichannel sourcing strategy to identify quality candidates. 

Also, leverage the benefits of talent communities, employee referral programmes, and candidate databases to find suitable applicants. 

6. Implement Succession Planning

Sometimes, candidates are available within the organisation, but managers need to be made aware of this hidden talent. 

With internal hiring programs, such employees can showcase their exceptional skills. By training and preparing them for executive-level positions, the company can save the cost and effort of hiring someone new. 

Succession planning helps identify and acquire skilled employees within the company and ensures a smoother workflow, as the current employees already know the system and work culture. 

7. Constantly Seek Candidate Feedback

The current talent acquisition market is indeed candidate-driven. Also, candidate feedback is essential to improve applicant experience and employer brand. 

Collective feedback helps organisations identify improvement areas, streamline the process, and ensure smoother TA workflow. 

So, ask for an honest and unfiltered opinion of candidates about your hiring process to make it fine-tuned and more personal. 

Best Practices for Technical Recruitment

Talent Acquisition Software Market Size 

The market of talent acquisition software is experiencing substantial growth due to skyrocketing demand for streamlined and efficient recruitment processes. Also, the current market is witnessing constant and rapid technological advancements. 

The Talent Acquisition Software market is segmented based on various factors, including: 

  • Deployment type
  • Organisation size
  • End-user industry 
  • Functionalities & features 
  • Geography

The market size will expand through advancements in AI and automation, analytics and machine learning capabilities, which are integrated with talent acquisition software. 

Market expansions also depend on new vendors entering the market and current vendors getting exposure to innovative advancements. 

The market size depends on industry-specific talent acquisition solutions as per the customised and unique needs of various sectors such as health care, IT and manufacturing. 

With recruitment technology development, the demand for cloud-based talent acquisition software will be exponential as it offers scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. 

Prediction of Talent Acquisition Software Market by 2030.

The main aspect of the competitive landscape of the talent acquisition software market includes the following: 

  • Established players 
  • Market consolidation
  • Global reach
  • Integration capabilities
  • Customer support and services
  • Pricing models 
  • Technological advancements

Top 5 Talent Acquisition Software to Invest in 2024

Here is the list of top talent acquisition platforms recruiters can use for different purposes. 

1. iSmartRecruit - Highly Scalable & Best Overall

iSmartRecruit is AI-powered Talent Acquisition Software that automates manual recruitment tasks and saves 57% time-to-hire for talent acquisition teams and hiring managers. 

The high-volume recruiting software is specially designed for hiring managers, HRs, mass recruiters and staffing agencies to streamline the overall TA process, provide a positive candidate experience and establish a strong employer brand. 

What makes iSmartRecruit so unique? 

Pricing: Get the custom pricing quote as per the requirements of your organisation.  

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our established client is saying.

2. JazzHR - Good for Candidate Tracking

JazzHR is specially designed to streamline applicant tracking and candidate management. The software offers cutting-edge features to enhance hiring and candidate management. 

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easily integrate with your HR tools
  • Highly customisable workflows


  • Hero plan - Intuitive Recruiting for Small Teams: $49/month
  • Plus plan - Limitless Hiring Software - $239/month
  • Pro plan - Streamline Every Stage - $359/month

3. Clear Company - Integrated Talent Management

The software mainly focused on integrated candidate management. It offers an all-in-one platform that helps HR, and hiring managers manage talent acquisition, performance tracking, onboarding and employee engagement. 

Key features:

  • Centralised data and reporting
  • End-to-End talent solutions
  • Seamless Workflows & Processes  

Pricing: Contact the sales team for more information related to pricing. 

4. SmartRecruiters - Good for Collaborative Hiring

The software enables hiring managers to conduct a team-based hiring process, involve every team member in conducting the workflow, and hire suitable talent faster and more effectively. 

Key features:

  • Collaborative Evaluation 
  • Communication Tracking 
  • Mobile Collaboration

Pricing: Contact their sales team for price consultation. 

5. Beamery - Proactive Candidate Relationship Management

Beamery aims to offer advanced features and tools to organisations to form positive relationships with potential talent. The proactive CRM tool enables companies to create candidate pipelines, engage with passive talent, and establish long-term relationships. 

Key features:

  • Talent CRM 
  • Talent Lifecycle Management 
  • Talent Analytics  

Pricing: Contact the sales team for more information related to pricing. 

11 Major Reasons Why Choose iSmartRecruit Talent Acquisition Software

iSmartRecruit brings every aspect of talent acquisition into a single solution. 

It is an innovative and easy-to-use solution specially designed for hiring professionals and recruitment agencies to streamline and manage talent acquisition workflow effortlessly. 

The following are the major reasons why you must sign up for iSmartrecruit’s Talent Acquisition Solution.  

1. Powerful Advanced DataBase Search 

This unique feature will check your whole database (resumes, application details, candidate’s email communication history and recruiter’s notes) to search for suitable candidates as per the requirements of open positions. 

2. Auto-pilot Workflow

Are you tired of the inefficiency and time-consuming nature of manual workflow? 

This feature will be a life-saver as it will automate the recruiting workflow from creating tasks based on the workflow update to sending automated emails and text messages to your candidates about any update on application status. 

3. AI-based Job & Candidate Matching

This feature uses the power of artificial intelligence and suggests a suitable talent for the open job and also recommends the best matching job against the candidates.  

4. Tailor-made Workflow as per Hiring Requirements

It will enable TA professionals like you to build customised recruiting workflows and track all the candidates’ applications and the current status of each open job. So, it is a win-win situation both ways, right?

5. Sourcing to Manage Talent all in one place

With our talent acquisition platform, you can find the best candidates by promoting your jobs on various social media channels and job boards and also fetch candidates from referral campaigns. 

Also, serve the best candidate and clients' experience and strengthen and maintain positive relationships with them with Recruitment CRM tools. 

6. Integrations and Mass Emailing

With iSmartRecruit’s 50+ integration platform, you can post jobs on free and premium job boards and various social media sites, communicate with candidates effectively and schedule meetings and interviews with your clients and candidates.  

Also, with our integration with two leading platforms (Twilio & Dialpad), you can strengthen your written communication with candidates by sending them emails or text SMS individually as well as in bulk and utilise the dmarc checker to ensure that your emails are not being intercepted by spambots. 

In addition, you can plan and organise your day-to-day recruitment activities with a calendar integration option. 

7. Accurate Data Analytics and Reporting

With this feature, you can leverage the benefits of tracking crucial recruitment KPIs like Time to Hire, Cost per Hire, and Quality of Hires. 

It will help you identify bottlenecks, improve your hiring process, and make data-driven hiring decisions. 

8. Seamless Data Migration

Are you not happy with the current system and want to replace your existing system with iSmartRecruit’s easy-to-use and highly scalable system? 

No worries, we will help you to easily and effortlessly migrate your data from the previous system to iSmartRecruit without affecting any of your recruitment operations. 

9. Frequent Product Updates

We at iSmartRecruit thrive on continuous innovation and aim to offer creative solutions based on our client’s requirements and current market trends. 

10. Highly Customisable

Every organisation follow a different hiring workflow. With our customisation feature in the system, you can create custom workflow as per your organisation's requirements.  

11. Personalised Onboarding

It is always difficult to adapt to a new system and learn how to use it effectively. 

However, our personalised user onboarding, live training sessions and one-on-one query-solving sessions help you transition to our system with ease.

Talent Acquisition Software - FAQs

1. How does Talent Acquisition Software Work?

Talent Acquisition System helps talent acquisition specialists streamline and strengthen the recruitment process and develop robust talent pipelines through the following five steps. 

1. Advertise & Attract: Market your open jobs effectively and build a strong employer brand to attract a wide range of candidates. 

2. Engage & Nurture: Elevate your nurturing efforts by engaging with candidates on channels they love to use. 

3. Assess & Evaluate: Send online evaluation tests and automatically schedule interviews to check the candidates’ skills. 

4. Capture & Onboard: Send out offers to candidates and secure a positive new hire experience while onboarding them. 

2. Who Uses Talent Acquisition Software?

Organisations of any size can utilise the Talent Acquisition Platform as hiring the right talent is more important for growth. 

In organisations, talent acquisition specialists, recruiters and corporate HRs implement talent acquisition systems for the following purpose. 

  • Compelling job posting on the company’s career page 
  • Job posting on free and premium job boards to attract more talent
  • Manage employee referral program to source suitable applicants
  • Evaluate candidates with a pre-determined assessment 
  • Filter candidates with a skill-based matching tool
  • Check background reference
  • Effective communication and follow-ups with the candidates 
  • Streamline the overall hiring process 
  • Maintain positive relationships with clients and candidates 
  • Conduct a structured and bias-free hiring process 

3. What’s the Difference Between Talent Acquisition and Talent Management?

Talent acquisition is a process of identifying and hiring skilled candidates who have the potential to evolve at your organisation. 

Whereas talent management is the next step once the candidate is hired. It contains training and developing the knowledge of new hires, keeping them engaged and satisfied by providing a healthy work environment. 

Eventually, prepares them to take on more challenging tasks and increases the retention rate. 

4. How can I Apply a Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Focus on the company’s long-term goals while planning a talent acquisition strategy. 

If your aim is to hire talent with fresh ideas and new perspectives, then create internship programs for college interns and entry-level employees. 

However, if your objective is to acquire diverse candidates, then implement a blind hiring approach. 

Nurturing positive relationships with candidates requires a lot of effort and time.  Also, the people you hire play a crucial role in the hiring process, so it is essential to participate in various networking events, career fairs and recruiting conferences and interact with job seekers. 

5. Why Invest in Talent Acquisition software?

Talent acquisition specialists around the world do not merely use Talent Acquisition Software to streamline the hiring process and hire the right talent faster. 

They also implement talent recruitment solutions to alter the attitude towards the hiring process in their organisations. 

The software helps recruiting professionals shift their perspective from only filling job positions to more important things, such as evaluating career paths and building positive employer-employee relationships. 

Eventually, the company will be people-driven, and the person who gets hired is very likely to enjoy working at the firm. 

As a result, it saves time, money and effort, increases employee satisfaction rates, decreases turnover, and higher retention rate reduces the need to continuously hire and train new people. 

Hence, investing in a talent acquisition system is imperative to get a higher ROI. 

Happy Acquiring Top Talent!!




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