10 Best Books Every Recruiter Should Read

author Written by Jigna Boghani April 14, 2020

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Recruiting is all about meeting and greeting new people every day. You have to keep yourself updated every day to become a  successful recruiter in this cutting edge of recruiting top talents.

Hiring candidates is not that easy as we think. As a recruiter, you should aware of the psychological things that impact the hiring. Here is the list of the best books every recruiter should read at least once.

1. Money Ball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

Author: Michael Lewis

Author Bio: Michael Monroe Lewis is an American author and financial journalist. He mostly writes on business, finance, and economics.

Published in: 2003

Book Summary: This is the book about the Oakland Athletics baseball team and its general manager, Billy Beane. This book teaches us how to manage and lead the team to success with a small budget.

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2. WHO - The A Method of Hiring

Author: Geoff Smart & Randy Street

Author Bio: The authors spent over 1,000 hours interviewing billionaires and CEOs about successful hiring, and condensed what they learned from that.

Published in: 2008

Book Summary: It is considered as the New York Times Bestseller. You can read the opinions of billionaires and CEOs about recruiting new talent.

Where Can I Get This Book: Amazon

3. Recruit Rockstars

Author: Jeff Hyman

Author Bio: Jeff has run the Recruit Rockstars Podcast with 300+ episodes. He is also known as - Matchmaker by Inc. Magazine.

Published in: 6 November 2017

Book Summary: This book can make you understand how to find the A-players for your team and how to identify the B-C Players that damages your company more.

Where Can I Get This Book: Amazon

4. Hire with your Head

Author:  Lou Adler

Author Bio: Lou Adler is an American recorder & music executive, talent manager. He is also a film producer, film director, songwriter.

Published in: 2007

Book Summary:  You can get to know about the importance of the internet in the hiring process. You can easily identify the best candidate on the internet by implementing this.

Where Can I Get This Book: Amazon

5. 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire

Author: Paul Falcone

Author Bio:  Paul is a renowned expert on effective hiring, performance management, and leadership development, especially in terms of helping companies build higher performing leadership teams.

Published in: 1997

Book Summary: This book can help you with the best 96 questions with their ideal answers you should get from your candidates for making better hiring decisions.

Where Can I Get This Book: Kobo

6. Hiring for Attitude

Author: Mark Murphy

Author Bio: Mark Murphy is Reader in Education & Public Policy at the University of Glasgow, UK.

Published in: 2011

Book Summary: You can get to know about how to hire the right people and build a company culture designed for long-term success.

Where Can I Get This Book: Kobo

7. Social Media Recruitment: How to Successfully Integrate Social Media into Recruitment Strategy

Author: Andy Headworth

Author Bio: Andy is the founder of Sirona Consulting. It is a social media recruiting consulting company that helps companies understand and integrate social media into their recruiting strategy and processes.

Published in: 2015

Book Summary: This book contains all you need to know about social media and its role in the recruitment process. You can make amazing strategies and get the best talent from social media platforms.

Where Can I Get This Book: Kobo

8. Recruiting 101

Author: Steven Mostyn

Author Bio: Steven is a leading expert and innovator in recruitment and job Hunting. He is a bestselling author. His documentaries have been published in Forbes, Lean Human Capital, Recruiting Headlines, HR.com, HealthcareSource, ERE Media/Sourcecon, and other media options.

Published In: 2016

Book Summary: This book can teach you all the fundamentals of being a great recruiter.

Where Can I Get This Book: Amazon

9. The Talent Fix

Author: Tim Sackett

Author Bio: Tim has 20 years of experience working in the Executive HR and Talent Acquisition. He has been working for Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, retail, dining, and technology.

Published In: 2018

Book Summary: This is one of the best books to read if you are facing any issue with finding great talent for your organization. You can get to know about the best fixes to make your hiring success.

Where Can I Get This Book: Amazon

10. High-Velocity Hiring

Author: Scott Wintrip

Author Bio: Scott Wintrip is the founder of Wintrip Consulting Group. He is in a list of the world's 100 most influential staffing leaders.

Published In: 2017

Book Summary: You can get the candidates easily and instantly with the best strategies.

Where Can I Get This Book: Amazon

So these were some of the greatest books of all time to read by recruiters. If you want to win the recruiting market, you need to adopt these strategies and make your hiring more successful.

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