6 Ways to Find and Hire Developers at a Low Cost

author Written by Jinisha Ghodasara May 27, 2020

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There is a pool of talent out there but finding the perfect developer for your project at an affordable rate can turn out to be a difficult task. So, here are some methods that can help you 

Find and Hire Developers:

Paid Ads

One of the simplest ways to find a developer is via paid advertisements. You can get your ad in your newspaper, tv network, radio, etc which helps you to connect with developers. Another way to advertise is on online platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Reddit. This is a great way to find freelance or full-time developers locally as well as globally. The only drawback is that you have to pay for the advertisement.


Staffing Agencies

If you do not want to stop at finding a developer but want the whole hiring process taken for, you can opt to work with a staffing agency. Staffing agencies can find you, developers, as per your requirement and also help you with the interview, screening, and other such major recruitment tasks. 


Job Boards

Job boards are another great way of discovering a developer as not only can you post a job position but can also search for developers who are already available for work. Some tech-specific job boards can be very helpful when finding developers for a vacant job position in your company. 


Social Media Platforms

Advertisements, Staffing agencies, and job boards are extra options but their only drawback is that you have to pay to gain their services. Social media platforms, on the other hand, is a free way to find and hire developers. You can post jobs opening in your company on social media platforms like Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Also, platforms like GitHub, Quora, StackOverflow, among others can also be helpful when finding developers. 



If you are looking for a reliable and long term developer, the best to find one is through referral. A referral can be from the referral program you run in your office, your friends, ex-employees, or anyone from your network. The best thing about referrals is that the developer already knows a little about the job and the workplace culture, so they tend to easily fit in and stay with your company in the long haul. 


Developer Conferences & Meetups

Another way of finding developers is by attending developer conferences or meetups. This is not only a great place to hire developers but a good way to broaden your network and stay updated with the market. You can search for such conferences and meetups online on social media platforms or development related websites and portals. 

These meetups can be for all kinds of developers or could be specified to certain skills, programming language, or technology. You can attend it according to your requirement. Also, if you are not currently looking for developers, you can still attend these kinds of conferences and build connections that can be useful when hiring. 


So, now that you know all these methods, you can choose the best way that suits you to find and hire developers at an affordable rate.


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