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6 Biggest Recruitment Challenges Faced by Recruitment Agencies

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Recruitment agencies face various challenges while conducting the hiring process. Do you want to know what those recruitment challenges are? And the best practice to overcome recruitment problems. Then explore this blog, which will provide you with deep knowledge about recruitment challenges faced by recruitment agencies.

Finding and holding the right talent for the business is a valuable asset for them. However, finding and adding the qualified and the right candidates to the right organisation is a challenging task for recruitment agencies- even though recruitment agencies are small or big.

Attracting a maximum candidate through digital advertising and building a large talent pool, and then conducting the overall recruiting process is a hassle for every recruitment agency.

But why? Why is the hiring process that much harder? Why does it take too much time? Why is finding and hiring great employees a difficult task? It is because of various problems and challenges recruitment agencies go through during the period of hire.

In this article, we have mentioned some recruitment challenges that serve as the best practice to overcome those challenges. But, first thing first, let’s get a brief idea of what is a recruitment agency and how does it work? 

What is a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agency act as a mediator between employers and employees, managing the recruitment tasks such as identifying potential candidates, assessing them, and conducting interviews. and presenting the top candidates to clients.

The agency uses its resources and expertise in different staffing services to find candidates who could be the best fit for the open role in the organisation. Recruitment agencies help companies to reduce the most time-consuming aspect of the hiring process so that they can focus more on other important tasks of the business. 

The agencies are also experts in hiring for various roles, such as seasonal hiring and part-time and full-time employees, and frequently work with companies to achieve hiring as the process moves further. 

How do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Basically, recruitment agencies work with organisations to find potential candidates to fill the open vacancies. The agency uses candidate databases to search for people who meet certain company parameters and post job advertisements online to source the best candidates with the right skills. They search for potential candidates, interview them, negotiate salaries, and ultimately provide the right fit to the companies. 

Following are the stages of work recruitment agencies implement: 

  1. Agreement with the company

  2. Discuss hiring needs

  3. Sourcing candidates 

  4. Conducting skill assessment tests

  5. Interviewing potential applicants

  6. Offer Extension and Negotiation  

  7. Onboarding employees

Now you might be thinking, Why should you work with a recruitment agency? The answer lies in the benefits companies get by outsourcing recruitment services from agencies. Companies get better access to potential active candidates, and it saves more time, money, and resources by utilising the services of recruitment agencies. 

Let’s now understand some of the key problems recruitment agencies are facing. 

Recruitment Challenges Faced by Recruitment Agencies with Solution

For recruitment agencies, problems constantly arise without modern advancements. The market is always changing with technology's fast-paced growth, and so are the candidates. They are online often and will be more likely to apply if it is an online application. These are the problems commonly associated with traditional recruitment agencies.

1. Applicant hiring speed

In-person notetaking and lengthy application processes are what current recruitment agencies are going through when, in reality, there are other options available. Transferring paper from hand to hand will always be slower and bulkier than having it automated. It consumes time, energy, and money. When other agencies decide to go with automated recruitment processes, they will start to outpace everyone else, still being anchored down with overdue ways.

This is because when candidates apply for jobs, the job that gives the candidate the quickest response will most likely be the first to hire that candidate. The other business is then left with wasted time, energy, and money. With applicant tracking system, you can quickly stay organised and keep up with the most important candidates only, all through recruiting automation.

Recruitment Solution

Interview management allows you to view dates, reminders, and priorities all in a single, simple calendar. This lets you stay automatically organised and save you less time.

Automation completes the extra step of going through all the potential candidates. Application tracking chooses the best ones based on your job interview process and sends them forward.

Investing in Recruitment Tech to overcome recruitment challenges

2. Attracting the right candidate

This is the very first step to master, and without it, your business will fall behind the current trends and get left behind. Finding the candidate that fits your business can be difficult to do, especially when you can't reach their interests effectively or filter out the unqualified ones.

76% of hiring decision-makers say attracting quality candidates is their #1 challenge, and 88% agree that an informed candidate is a quality candidate.  

Recruitment Solution

Just going through the mass of physical files makes it almost impossible to find the one candidate you are looking for. With applicant tracking tools, you can swiftly go through the candidates with advanced database search options so you can locate the characteristics you want easily.

There are customisable questions, automated screening candidates, and automatic rejection emails, so you have targeted applicants and quick feedback. You can fully customise your prescreens and questionnaires so have control over the immediate requirements, which will drastically narrow down your applicants right away to those qualified.

3. Organising recruitment tasks efficiently

When handling physical material, it can often get lost or misplaced. When using paper, you need to file each paper accordingly, and that often can be a whole job in itself. This can bog down the workplace. This is a key problem that many the agencies face, and it can be solved with the amazing visual pipeline that streamlines recruitment workflow.


Recruitment Solution

The modern and navigatable design of the AI recruitment software allows beginners to go through the stages of the application process; it makes the process easy, as well as organising the applicants.

You can clearly see each stage your candidates are in and can send them to your client instantly. Verifying each application is made automatically instead of blindly accepting applications. All of these features associated with the visual pipeline will keep you organised and improve your hiring process faster.

4. Not making most of the data

Recruitment agencies have a profession where they have built a pool of data. Data pool of active and passive candidates. From this huge talent pool, they find and make the best match for the job with the purpose of talent acquisition effectively. 

But it's not easy for recruitment agencies to make enough data. Thus, it is one of the recruitment challenges for recruitment agencies. 

Making the best match of candidates and jobs is a crucial part of hiring. This will help agencies to avoid bad hires and serve qualified talent in the companies. Recruitment agencies supply the workforce to a variety of industries like the healthcare sector, tech sector, education sector and so on.  

Different sectors have different types of demand for candidates. And making diverse data is quite challenging for recruitment agencies.

Avoid bad hires

Recruitment Solution

Recruitment agencies can overcome this recruitment challenge effortlessly just by adopting online hiring software. Recruiting software that maintains the track of current and previous candidates' data in a database. Moreover, split the data along with categories. The talent pool is where all the existing candidate's data is saved.

HitContract Success Story using iSmartRecruit ATS+CRM

5. Ensure positive candidate experience

According to the survey, 60% go through a bad experience, and 72% of candidates share with their peers about the bad candidate experience.

That's why serving a good candidate experience to the candidate is a significant component of hiring and becomes one of the recruitment challenges. Continuous engagement with candidates from the beginning to the end of the hiring process: is a struggle. Treating candidates well at each iteration of recruitment is a longer and deeper process. 

Candidate experience in overcoming recruitment challenges

Good candidate experience provides many benefits like a high retention rate, more productive employees and more engaged employees.

Recruitment Solution

Find out first about your existing candidate experience. Rate it and take the path of improvement. Small things can make a big difference. By adopting an Applicant Tracking System, recruitment agencies can make the hiring process smoother for candidates. 

ATS provides a candidate self-service portal where candidates can fill out their applications and can schedule interviews according to their convenience. Many other features like automatic emails, offer letters and joining notification mail create an effective candidate experience.

6. Reaching to passive candidates

The current unemployment rate is so low. According to the survey, an estimated 30% of the workforce is only actively looking for a new opportunity. In the year 2016, a whopping 74% workforce was open for a job.

Thus, every industry is giving worth to passive candidates. Consequently, according to the business's demand, recruitment agencies have to reach out to passive candidates. And it is a challenging task for them. 

It is a tough task because, as per the definition, they are candidates who are not looking for any job opportunity. Moreover, working for any other company. This means they are not present at any job board site or watching any job advertisement. Hence, reaching passive candidates is one of the recruitment challenges for recruitment agencies.

Recruitment Solution

To reach the passive candidate, recruitment agencies have to leverage their network.

By carrying out the employee referral program and by attending other programs organised by other recruiters and agencies. Expand and enlarge your network size to reach the passive candidates. 

This will help you to know about the candidate before approaching them. This will help you to know about the candidate before approaching them. 

Use Employees’ networks to over recruitment challenges

Final Words on Recruitment Challenges Faced by Recruitment Agencies

Every recruitment agency faces the abovementioned recruitment challenges while setting up the hiring process. And they are struggling while overcoming these problems. The overall solution to overcome recruitment challenges is Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

This AI-powered recruitment solution will streamline the recruitment workflow for recruiters and enable a collaborative hiring process where the whole team can access the recruitment dashboard and know the status of the hiring stage and applicants. With such software solutions, the efficiency of hiring increases and recruiters can offer a positive candidate experience. 

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