What are the Recruitment Challenges Faced by Recruitment Agencies?

author Written by Jinisha Ghodasara February 10, 2020

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For recruitment agencies, problems arise constantly without modern advancements. The market is always changing with technology fast-paced growth, and so are the candidates. They are online often and will be more likely to apply if it is an online application. These are the problems commonly associated with traditional recruitment agencies.

Applicant Hiring Speed

In-person notetaking and lengthy application processes are what current recruitment agencies are going through when in reality, there are other options available. Transferring paper from hand to hand will always be slower and bulkier than having it automated. It consumes time, energy, and money. When other agencies are deciding to go with automated recruitment processes, they will start to outpace everyone else still being anchored down with overdue ways.

This is because when candidates apply for jobs, the job that gives the candidate the quickest response will most likely be the first to hire that candidate. The other business is then left with wasted time, energy, and money. With applicant tracking, you can quickly stay organized and keep up with the most important candidates only, all through automation.

Interview management allows you to view dates, reminders, and priorities all in a single, simple calendar. This lets you stay automatically organized and save you less time.

Automation completes the extra step of going through all the potential candidates. Application tracking chooses the best ones based on your interview process and sends them forward.


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Attracting the Candidate

This is the very first step to master, and without it, your business will fall behind the current trends and get left behind. Finding the candidate that fits your business can be difficult to do, especially when you can’t reach their interests effectively or filter out the unqualified ones.

Just going through the mass of physical files makes it almost impossible to find the one candidate you are looking for. With applicant tracking tools, you can swiftly go through the candidates with advanced search options so you can locate the characteristics you want easily.

There are customizable questions, automated screening, and automatic rejection email so you have targeted applicants and quick feedback. You can fully customize your prescreens and questionnaires so have control over the immediate requirements, which will drastically narrow down your applicants right away to those qualified.


When handling physical material, it can often get lost or misplaced. When using paper you need to file each paper accordingly, and that often can be a whole job in itself. This can bog down the workplace. This is a key problem that many of the agencies face and it can be solved with the amazing visual pipeline.

The modern and navigatable design of the recruitment software allows beginners to go through the stages of the application process, it makes the process easy, as well as organizing the applicants.

You can clearly see each stage your candidates are in and can send them to your client instantly. Verifying each application is done automatically, instead of blindly accepting applications. All of these features associated with the visual pipeline will keep you organized and improve your workflow.


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