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How to Choose Staffing Agency Software?

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Staffing agency software is a cloud computing technology that stores all your staff data from the pre-recruiting stage to the post-hiring time.

Technology has no limits, there are different software in the market for the same purpose yet, 67% of employers find it harder than ever to find the best talents in the market? Why is that so?

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Well, all that glitters is not gold. There might be many staffing software but you need to choose one according to your specific requirement.

But, how do you know what to look for in staffing agency software so you can choose the best?

This blog is all that you need to read to clear your confusion and get your answers.

What is the Purpose of Staffing Agency Software?

Finding qualified and skilled employees was never easy but with technological advancement, it is even harder now. The future promises to be more difficult in this regard.

Staffing requires software to manage your staffing data, forecast your needs, engage candidates, find the desired talent, and more.

With globalization, there is no boundary when it comes to recruiting candidates. Likewise, when there are so many people willing to work, you can never reach the perfect job match, manually. For this, you require staffing agency software that automates all your steps, tracks your progress, and generates reports so you know your weak points.

Staffing is much more than hiring and filling job positions. The backend is full of processes managed by staffing agency software such as finding the best sourcing platforms, generating job posts, developing rapport with candidates and employees, etc. 

94% of recruiters say staffing agency software created a positive impact on their hiring process. No wonder over 98% of fortune 500 companies use some software for their recruitment needs. It is just so necessary!

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How to Choose Staffing Agency Software?

Features to look for in your staffing agency software include the following,

Customization of staffing agency software

One problem has multiple solutions so you cannot expect any standard software to do wonders. Your recruitment software should be flexible to customization so you can tweak it as per your need. Maybe today you do not require email marketing but if you do, your software should be able to adapt to it. Its systems shouldn't get a huge shock for minor changes. And of course, customization should not come at a cost, it should be free.

Cost management of staffing agency software

Your costs should not surpass your revenue. It would be unwise if you keep on spending on your recruiting needs when you have other expenses too. Your recruiting software should have a costing feature where you can set a budget for each of your recruiters. This will help you from overspending or else your business will feel directionless just throwing money here and there. On average businesses spend $4129 per hire and take 42 days to fill a job position. With the staffing agency software, you can reduce your time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.

ATS and CRM integration in your staffing agency software

ATS and CRM are sister software, one feels lonely without the other. ATS needs CRM support for finding and recruiting the best candidates in the market. But, not all staffing agency software provides the 2 in 1 benefit. You may find the best ATS for staffing agencies, but they would be lacking this most important integration. When you are spending a huge amount you need to know what is best for your staffing agency.

In-Depth recruitment analytics of staffing agency software

If your software provides detailed analytics of your recruiting processes, it is the one. Analytics give you statistical evidence of your performance. Your software should not only tell you about how many applicants applied but also about which interface did they use, mobile or desktop? For instance, Glassdoor recruitment analytics found 58% of applicants use a mobile interface for job applications. By analysing the little details you can know of any minor mistake that might be the reason for a bigger problem.

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To catch a glimpse of all your steps, the staffing agency software should also provide a summary of your past actions and their pros and cons.

Staffing agency software free trial

Do not fall for the software that does not allow a free trial. You are investing so you should get the value of money. Before making the big decision of which software to choose, avail a free trial. You can try different software and then make a decision. All software informs you about the features they possess but practical examination tells a different story. So before jumping into a long-term investment, take a trial. Many software provide up to a 7-day free trial.Use those 7 days so you do not regret after selecting or rejecting any staffing agency software.

On-boarding with your staffing agency software

This is the most crucial phase of hiring. On-boarding gives your new employees a view of your organization. In other words, on-boarding is your first impression on your new employees. This decides the employee retention rate for you. Employees are already conscious at a new job they do not want to suffer more figuring out their job duties. Providing clear guidelines to your employees could increase your retention rate, said by 23 percent of a study's respondents who left their jobs in the first 6 months. Your staffing agency software must have on-boarding features like one on one chats, virtual training, and a portal for task management.

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Most organizations fail at quality on-boarding and face huge losses in the long term with dissatisfied employees.

Staffing agency software as your virtual diary

Your staffing agency software should work as your daily diary where you can set schedules, allot time to tasks, make a checklist, get notifications for meetings, and more. To reach those important records a search bar should be capable of decoding the tags you put in. For instance, if you have a meeting at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, at CFO's office and you do not remember the exact information; by searching for CFO's office in your notifications you should be able to reach it. If you get zero results for your keyword search, it is not the perfect staffing agency software for you.

Data sharing feature of staffing agency software

If you are planning to buy a new staffing agency software, it should be able to obtain data from the old system. Moreover, it should also be able to transfer data to other integrated software so everyone has access to the recruiting stages and their information. This is also one of the most crucial stages you should be aware of because if this is missing you can think of the tiresome manual work that will fall on your shoulders. Most staffing agency software have this feature but some lack it and you need to inquire about it before making the big decision.

User-friendly staffing agency software

All software seem to be complex with so many programs in them, but they are also user-friendly except few. If your employees and candidates find it difficult to handle it, what is the point? You are buying it to ease your work and increase your efficiency. But, if it is not user-friendly, most of the time will be invested in learning it hence, declining productivity. Ensure your staffing agency software is user-friendly. One-time training should be enough for all your employees otherwise employees would feel tangled in the process of understanding and implementation.

Security above all in your staffing agency software

Security is a feature that you cannot compromise on. You are receiving many applicants’ data that need to be in safe hands. Ensure the recruitment software that you are choosing provides high-end security of the data with individual login details. Also check for data encryption during data backup, transmission, and storage. Top-class security of staffing agency software makes it super attractive and this should be your priority in any purchase decision. Your software should have strong programming so it is not easy to hack. Around 60% of companies have passwords that do not expire which risks data security. One-time passwords can prevent data breaches.

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You are in charge of data and information that is supposed to be in safe hands or the security threats can destroy your brand image. If you want quality workers in your organization, buy software that is not easy to cheat.

Choose Staffing Agency Software Wisely!

This blog guides you through choosing the best staffing agency software. When you know what to look for the important features you know how to find the perfect software for your specific requirements. The features include customization, user-friendliness, on-boarding, and more. Your free trial will help you find out what the software includes and if it is missing out on the main features mentioned in this blog, something is not right. Buying software is a long-term investment that affects your organization as a whole. So instead of making the wrong purchase and installing temporary staffing agency software, improve your productivity by following the guide on how you can choose the best staffing agency software at once. Even the best ATS for staffing agencies may be lacking these features but with detailed analysis, you can get your hands on the suitable software that will help you grow.