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What can Best Recruiting CRM Software 🌟 do for you?

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Recruiting CRM software is always a great solution for companies that are seeking the right talent to fill the open position. The CRM supplies complete benefits to recruit the best talent in order of every aspect. Check out this blog to gain detailed knowledge about recruiting CRM software.

For the world of human resources, CRM is something different, and for sales, CRM is variable. For the human resource department, the CRM terms correlate to candidates. While for the sales and marketing department CRM is all about clients. So, don't get confused.

Through the recruiting CRM software companies are able to handle the recruitment process from the very beginning,i.e., from application submission to onboarding. Let's see why recruiting CRM is needed for recruitment.

What is Candidate Relationship Management?

Candidate relationship management describes the overall communication and interaction with past, present, and future candidates in order to maintain a healthy and positive relationship. Interaction and continuous communication with candidates form a strong relationship with candidates. And this strategy takes place to create a large pool of talent before any open position.

what is candidate relationship management

What is Recruiting CRM Software?

One of the most well-known technology terms, CRM, stands for Candidate Relationship Management. Most organizations are familiar with CRM. Recruitment CRM Software provides a set of features that help recruiters manage their jobs, applicants, clients, and nearly every other area of their operations efficiently and help you build and maintain relationships with candidates.

Who can use Recruiting CRM Software?

Recruiting CRM is business software for recruiting agencies and firms. Several years ago, Recruiting CRM was a member of expensive technologies that were merely used by large enterprises.

Today, there is an aggregate of vendors available in the market who offer the best CRM tools for your business. A portion of vendors is offering cloud-based Recruiting CRM Software. Thus there are no installation hassles and long terms contracts.

All you need is to fill in all required details online, make a payment, and get the rights to access the system. It is a straightforward and swift way to start with CRM software. Many recruiting and staffing organizations have already implemented CRM software to save time, deliver better services, and maintain relationships with clients and candidates.

Importance of candidate relationship management

What can Recruiting CRM Software Do for Your Business?

Whether you are a small-scale enterprise, a global company, or just a startup, Recruiting CRM helps your business unquestionably. Recruiting and staffing businesses have various manual processes that can be time-consuming.

Here are some of the key advantages of Recruiting CRM software

  • The system manages continuous communication through different channels like email, SMS, and VOIP.

  • Allows the candidates to perform the activities themselves through the self-service portal.

  • Keeps the candidates updated by notifying them about the application status.

  • Completes data management while respecting GDPR compliance and any other law.

  • Manage your talent pool of candidates and attract passive candidates when there is a need.

  • Extend the best candidate experience and take forward your business to the next level.

  • Automate your various tasks and improve the efficiency of your team to a great extent.

  • Reporting and analytics help you understand your present situation and allows you to make plans for the future.

  • Streamline your end-to-end business process of recruitment.

Additionally, Recruiting CRM facilitates to manage of the information of other parties with whom your organization is working, including the followings:

  • Vendors
  • Clients
  • Freelancers

All the other users can sync up through the Recruiting CRM software.

Essential Features of Best Recruiting CRM Software for Recruiters

The features of software decide its value in the market. Furthermore, the system is always known for its features and incomparable components. Identically for recruiting CRM software for recruiters.

To make your recruiting process worthwhile and productive, some of the essential features are required in recruitment CRM software. And these are what make the CRM as best recruiting CRM software for recruiters. In this section, we will see the features of the CRM recruitment system that are crucial for the hiring process.

  • Talent Pool:- It is the feature where the source and organize the candidate applications. Also, manage the application or candidate profile on the basis of different criteria such as type of employment, experience, and so on. This barometer can be defined by the user according to their needs.
talent pool
  • Integration with Inbox and Calendar:- Integration with inbox and different calendars, namely google and outlook calendars, make the conversation realistic and on point. Moreover, help the good recruiter manage the recruiting process and track the conversation and events.

  • Task and Reminder:- The task feature allows the user to add a task or a list of tasks that the user is going to perform within a particular time period. Consequently, the user does not need to remember everything. By using the reminder feature, automatic reminder messages display on the screen ease the approach to task performance.

  • Source Tool:- Recruiting CRM software must be undertaken as a source tool. Candidate sourcing tool through which the user can import the candidate data from any platform or social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or any popular job boards. In a day, a good recruiter sources on average 36 candidates. And, manual entries of each candidate are one of the challenges for the recruiter. Through the automatic recruiting process, the sourcing part becomes hassle-free.

  • Interview Tool:-  Another significant tool that can be considered inside the recruiting CRM software is an interview tool. Interview scheduling through the CRM makes it too time beneficial and streamlines the whole approach of recruiting.

  • Easy to Use:- Not even a single user wants to use software that takes equal time to execute a task as performed manually. The recruiting CRM software should be less complicated to understand and effortlessly in terms of use.

Problems Solved by Recruiting CRM Software

Know whether you get a clear idea of why you need a recruiting CRM software for the recruitment process. If no!! Then this section will add some more points that definitely shock and make you believe in the worth of the recruiting CRM software.

The recruiting CRM software's features add benefits during the recruitment process. Despite this, solve many problems and challenges that recruiter and recruitment agencies face in daily life. So, here are some problems that have been solved by the recruiting CRM software.

  • Poor candidate experience
  • Lack of communication
  • Inefficient and manual hiring process
  • Insufficient talent pool
  • Limited collaboration between the hiring team
  • Unable to measure the recruiting performance
  • Lack of candidate engagement 
  • Lack of transparency

And the list will go on. These are some general problems or challenges that appear during the hiring process. And every recruiter or hiring manager desires to make the recruitment process fruitful and free of any kind of problem.

What are the Questions that Recruiters have when considering Recruiting CRM Software?

The following are the questions that recruiters frequently ask while discussing Recruiting CRM.

Q. Can I store my candidate resume in Recruiting CRM Software?
A. Yes, you are able to store the resumes.

Q. Can I manage clients & their jobs?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. Can I track my candidate's interview?
A. Yes, you can do comprehensive management of your interviews.

Q. Is it possible to manage the entire email communication that has been done with clients and candidates?
A. Yes, you can send/receive emails and see a complete history of the email conversation.

Q. If we have offices in multiple regions, can all team members work on the same platform?
A. Yes, all of your team members can work on the same platform.

Q. Is this really expensive?
A. Not at all; research shows that in 3 months, you will have a good ROI.

Q. Is my information secured on a cloud server?
A. Almost every vendor takes security as the highest priority aspect and provides full data security.

Q. When can I get the ROI that I made in the CRM Software?
A. It depends on the organization. Overall, research shows that within 3 months, you have ROI.

Self-Service Portal Module of Recruiting CRM Software

In 2021, the most critical aspect of recruitment was to provide a pleasant experience. Every recruiter needs to contribute their maximum potential for delivering an incredible experience to the clients and candidates. Here self-service portals play a vital role by providing extended power to the clients and candidates so they can perform many activities themselves.

Candidate self-service portal

Once you set up the self-service portal for your candidate, your candidate can do the following activities through the system.

  • Self-registration to your talent pool
  • Search for matching jobs and submit the application
  • Track application status
  • Track interview information
  • See all the notifications

Client self-service portal

Once you set up the self-service portal for your client, your client can do the following activities through the system.

  • Create and track jobs
  • Shortlist or reject the candidates
  • Schedule interview
  • Send and receive messages to the job recruiters

What should I do to get the best Recruiting CRM Software?

Generally, you should follow the below-given steps to get your best Recruiting CRM software.

Step 1:

There are various global and local vendors available in the market that offer Recruiting CRM for your business. Before reaching any conclusion, you have to do some research. Make a list of Recruiting CRM software providers. You can use Bing or Google to get the list. Also, Capterra, Software Advice, G2 Crowd, etc., have a list of software providers.

Step 2:

Arrange a demo or free trial based on your availability.

Step 3:

Review the software according to your criteria, such as:

  • What kind of features does it have?
  • Is it easy for my team to work on it?
  • What pricing model does it have?
  • Do they provide free training?
  • What kind of support channel does it offer?
  • How reliable is the service?
  • How do I take a backup of my data?
  • What kind of future enhancement does it offer?
  • Do they provide any integration features with the external system?

Step 4:

Finalize one or two tools and negotiate on pricing. Pay your subscription and start working with the system.

Should I go for a Cloud or On-Premise Option?

The cloud option is the perfect choice for small agencies. It is fast to set up your account, and it minimizes the financial burden as you have to pay for each user monthly.

While for well-established agencies, on-premise could be the best option in terms of commercial aspects and flexibility for changes in the system. Also, it is best in terms of data security, as your entire data will be stored on your server only.

Final Thought about Recruiting CRM Software for Recruiters

It's worth trying Recruiting CRM Software System because you can't have centralized data management through Excel anymore. Sooner or later, you have to move forward with Recruiting CRM technology.

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