7 Tips for Building A Strong Digital Recruitment Strategy

author Written by Betty Lockwood September 21, 2020

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Find out what a perfect digital recruitment strategy looks like. These simple tips will let you select and engage the right people in your business Job hunting is quite a game these days. Employers have various channels to search for experts and professionals. But the main ace up their sleeve is obviously technology.

It got way easier to look for potential workers because of the internet. Social media and job search platforms connect job seekers with employers and greatly accelerates the recruitment process. One does not have to go for a face-to-face job interview to get a job.

Skype or Zoom video conferencing is not a worse alternative. What complicates the search of personnel is an increased level of competition between companies and enterprises, especially when it comes to the industries with high skills shortage like the field of cybersecurity.

These are 7 tips for developing a digital recruitment strategy aimed to help businesses find the best talents faster.

1. Share relevant content

Every business that is focused on continuous growth should not only retain the current workforce but also think about ways to attract new talent. Using your website to grab the attention of potential employees is a proven strategy to achieve this goal. Most business owners view their website as a customer entry point, but you can go even further if you add specific content to make potential employees want to apply for a job in your company.

This can be either a weekly blog that describes the benefits of working in your industry, short videos to help people pass an interview successfully, or even regularly updated feedback of your employees on how they feel being a part of your company.

2. Use social media

Most HR managers will unanimously confirm that social media are one of the most effective tools in many recruitment strategies. Indeed, there is nothing easier for a job-seeker than monitoring social media in their pursuit of a new workplace.

Besides looking for candidates on specialized social media platforms like LinkedIn, you can post your job ads in various communities or chats on Facebook, Telegram, and other social media with equal success. This can be explained by the fact that active browsing for a job may put considerable pressure on a person while chasing new career opportunities on a favorite social media platform can help job seekers enjoy the process.

3. Ensure website optimization

To make sure potential candidates will be able to find you on the web, you should also think of investing in website optimization. Alongside a good-looking and responsive design, it is important to tailor your website to different devices, including smartphones which account for over 60% of all online searches.

A mobile-friendly website or a progressive web app are two widely-used solutions that let you compete with mobile apps and remain appealing to users. If you own a website without mobile optimization, the idea to find app developers and improve your site for mobile users seems a good one if you are concerned about your business development.

4. Harness UTM technology

The purpose of UTM technology is to give you the ability to track recruiting campaigns through Google Analytics options. UTM links are used to analyze the users who happen to click on your web page.

UTM code is applied to URLs and lets you see how many users are actually interested in what you offer and where they come from. To improve the recruitment process, you can set up a new UTM link for every single page with a specific vacancy. This segmentation will also help you see which campaign parameters work best for you and give positive recruitment results.

5. Check recruitment metrics

Another feature of every successful digital recruitment strategy is the use of recruitment software that allows for monitoring recruitment metrics. Some of the major benefits of such tools include an ability to calculate selection ratio, track manager satisfaction, and candidate job satisfaction, assess the quality of hire, and enhance the effectiveness of the recruitment funnel.

Many recruiting agencies equally decide to integrate chatbot-based tools that allow for an accurate and quick analysis of CVs and detection of the best-suited applicants.

6. Build a strong reputation

When you are at a start-up level, it requires efforts to persuade a high-level specialist to relocate to your company. However, as long as your business grows, employees become more willing to work in your place. To strengthen your company's image in the eyes of potential candidates, you should develop a good branding strategy to make your company look reputable as fast as possible.

Brand awareness comes from positive reviews on your website as well as good feedback about your business on social media. All job seekers tend to research the company they are going to apply for. In this case, a good online reputation is a guarantee you will attract competent and talented workers faster.

7. Be in touch with applicants

It may sound a bit strange, but still, many business owners neglect the importance of sharing contacts of their HR department both on a website and on social media in a proper way. No matter how appealing your company may look for a potential job candidate who has just opened your website, these positive impressions can quickly disappear if no contact information is provided.

The Careers section on a website should be also followed by the relevant contact information of your HR specialists. Moreover, the more communication channels you will leave there (phone, email, different social media accounts), the better your chances of getting more job requests.

Also, try to make the About Us section as detailed as possible. Do not think that most job seekers will just skip it, but instead view this section as a key reason that will persuade them to send you their CVs.

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