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13 Benefits of Recruitment Software for Agencies

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As a recruitment or staffing agency, you will have a lot of work and data to manage. The hiring process can be overwhelming sometimes. So, at one point, recruitment agencies require a stronger and more reliable recruitment tool than just an excel sheet to manage the recruitment workflow effectively. This is when investing in recruiting software seems like a good idea. 

Moreover, In recent years, technology has created a strong impact on the recruiting process. The recruitment process has become automated globally. Recruitment agencies, in-house recruitment, and outsourced recruitment implement and leverage the fruitful benefits of the recruiting software to hire faster and improve the quality of hires.

The wave of technology consistently upgrades the recruiting software for agencies in the convenience of work and tasks. Recruiting via hiring software helped many companies and staffing agencies to hire the most suitable and qualified candidates.

Hence, it is true that invest in dedicated software for staffing agencies to avoid hiring bad ones. In this blog, you will learn about some of the key reasons or benefits of recruiting software for agencies.  

13 Benefits of Recruitment Software for Agencies

Recruitment Software Improves the hiring process

Here are some of the benefits for recruitment and staffing agencies to adopt the recruiting software. Let’s see them.

1. Efficiency increases

It is true that recruitment technology has improved the efficiency of the recruitment process dramatically in the last decade.  

AI-powered Recruiting software becomes a doorway to organising work and getting the most efficient results. Instead of dwelling with numerous spreadsheets, staffing software gives you a platform where the recruiter can manage all the data in one place, saving a lot of time which improves the productivity of recruiters and increase the efficiency of the workflow. 

2. Provide positive candidate experience

Candidate experience is a crucial part of the recruitment process as it determines the employer's reputation and improves the employee retention rate. 

So, every recruitment team knows the importance of positive candidate experience, and one way to ensure that your candidate has a good experience is through recruitment software. 

The software has features such as a Recruitment Chatbot, which provides 24x7 answers to the candidates of the standard questions and also gives the status of the application immediately. This way, it enhances candidate engagement. 

Also, the recruitment software eliminates many hurdles and provides a user-friendly platform for both the candidate and the recruiter. It also helps to improve the employment brand and showcase the good image of your company in the marketplace.

3. Automates the recruitment workflow

Speed up time-to-hire by automating repetitive tasks and emails with iSmartRecruit’s automated actions. 

Manual Recruiting tasks to consume an ample amount of time during the recruiting process. 

However, with AI-powered features of recruitment software, recruiters can automate tasks such as reviewing thousands of resumes, mass emailing, candidate sourcing, pre-screening, interview management and offer-letter workflow. 

Basically, it automates the hiring process and minimises the time spent on repetitive and tedious tasks. 

4. Customisable workflows as per requirements

Every organisation or recruitment agency has a different approach to conducting the hiring process, and every recruiter has different requirements. That is where recruitment software becomes really handy as it helps recruiters and hiring professionals to customise their workflow as per the requirement. 

The staffing software can be personalised to suit their needs in the best possible way. It is customisable and scalable for the future, and also it makes the hiring process better to deliver better results.

5. Improve the quality of hires

Recruitment software improves quality-of-hires.

Recruitment software stores the candidate information in the candidate database and advanced search options to source the most suitable candidate as per the requirement of the open role. 

Also, good staffing software has the capability to filter out numerous applications and present the best and most suited applicants out of the huge talent pool. This way, it improves the quality of hires. 

Finding candidates for job positions that are difficult to fill and a tedious task. However, it can be made easy by recruitment software.

6. Enable collaborative hiring

The hiring process is a collaborative task and not a thing that an individual can go through. So, in order to conduct an efficient recruitment process, it takes a well-coordinated team effort where everyone is involved in the process.

Everyone has a different method of working, and so to work well as a team, recruitment agencies require a tool that streamlines team communication. Staffing Agency Software helps with collaborative hiring to recruiters. 

The recruitment software offers features such as a recruitment dashboard, website and calendar integration, personalised communication, and employee referral portals to simplify team-based hiring. 

It lets you document the entire process and gives everybody an opportunity to contribute equally. This makes everyone feel valued and keeps them inspired to work.

7. Reduce cost-per-hire

 Agencies can save cost in hiring by using recruitment software

Most staffing agencies belong to the category of small to the mid-business range. And, for this size of business, it is quite unaffordable to hire full-time recruiters. Good recruiters are treated as the normal employee who gets a monthly salary and other benefits from the employer.

By investing in recruiting software, recruitment agencies can save lots of costs that they spend on different work resources. 

No need to invest in other infrastructure that is required by the recruitment agency, as now the latest technology is cloud-based software. 

Moreover, there is also service-based payment, so small agencies can choose the service that they want to use and need to pay only for that. And it is a really cost-saving opportunity. Hence, the expenditure on recruiting software is worth it.

8. Streamline The recruitment process

The online world of social media is the best place to attract and encourage people to convert into an applicant with minimum effort. And it becomes more convenient and optimised when the whole process of hiring takes place via smartphones and other similar devices. 

The recruitment software is mobile-friendly, which simplifies the recruitment process, and small agencies can reach their vacant to a high volume of people and more effectively attract them to apply for the position. 

Also, recruiters can manage the recruitment process anywhere with their mobile phones. This whole simplified approach will help recruiters and hiring managers boost productivity and amplify business growth.

9. Better candidate management

The following are some of the main tasks recruitment agencies will perform by utilising recruitment software. 

  • Record candidates as well as job applications

  • Effective candidate interaction

  • Candidate searching from pipeline

  • AI-based candidate matching

  • Manage CV and onboarding document

  • Talent pool collection

  • Candidate sourcing 

10. Effective vacancy management

By using software like Applicant Tracking System, a recruitment agency can perform the following tasks effectively.  

11. Competitive advantage

Recruitment Software speed-up the hiring process 

Last but not least, good recruitment software gives you a competitive edge and enables recruitment agencies to acquire top talent; for their clients. 

A recruitment system is also helpful for smooth and quick communication along with tracking the entire application process. This keeps you ahead in the hiring market.

12. Smooth communication & management with clients

Recruitment software contains features like a client self-service portal which allows recruitment agencies to provide real-time updates to their clients about potential candidates, give them access to create a job within the system, schedule an interview and effectively communicate with recruiters. 

Following are some of the advantages of client self-service portals. 

  • Decrease the dependency on the recruiters 

  • Record client interaction

  • The clarity in work allocation and completion 

  • Maintain the record of client proposals

  • Produce and send an email campaign

  • View client activities and vacancies

  • Reduce iterations

13. Improve recruitment strategy

Small recruitment agencies can manage and devote their time toward the business service and easily get an insight into the performance by adopting Recruitment software. It also improves recruitment strategy

Following are the ways on how the recruitment software helps agencies to enhance the recruitment function for growth. 

  • Get an insight into the agency projects and tasks.

  • Present the performance and activity of your agency in visual form.

  • This visual information helps the small staff to make the right hiring decision. 

  • Recruitment analytics reports and KPIs help to know the weakness and strengths of the hiring process. 

Final Thought on Benefits of Recruiting Software for Agencies

In conclusion, this blog highlighted the key benefits of recruitment software for recruitment agencies.  

It is true that the size of the recruitment agencies does not define if an agency should or should not have recruitment software. 

If a small recruitment company wants to pioneer the recruitment business, then a recruitment software solution is worth investing in, even if you have a small budget.

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