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High-Volume Hiring: Top 5 Strategies for Success in 2024

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What Have We Covered?

High-volume hiring is like trying to fill a theatre with the right audience for the right movie.

All while the clock's ticking.

It's not about collecting the people; It's about finding the perfect match for each.

Seems very difficult, right?

Don't panic; your ice (solution) is on the way to simmer you down.

And that is the High-Volume Hiring.

However, when it comes to high-volume hiring, quality gets compromised. Right?

But not anymore; here are the top 5 high-volume hiring strategies for success in 2024.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of leveraging tech, streamlining your process, and even some Jedi mind tricks to attract the right talent. This ain't your grandpa's hiring process!

So, buckle up; it's time to tame the High-Volume Hiring beast and build a dream team that'll knock the competition out of the park.

What is High-Volume Hiring?

High-volume hiring, also known as mass hiring, is the process of hiring candidates for a large number of employees in a particular time period. Also high-volume hiring also means hiring candidates in bulk for a single job role or multiple candidates for multiple roles. Organisations conduct mass recruitment due to the following reasons: 

  • The company is establishing an office at a new location

  • Due to seasonal hiring demand - for example, the need for customer support executives in the retail industry during the festive season

  • Rapid growth or sudden exponential product demand in the market

  • Restructuring the company 

  • Need of new departments for product enhancement

However, there are plenty of challenges companies face in conducting high-volume hiring. Let’s see those obstacles. 

Most Common Challenges of High-Volume Hiring

The hiring team go through lots of difficulties to hire the best people for the open role. According to a survey by Inc., 67% of recruiters say it's harder than ever to find talent.

Statistics of recruitment challenge

The following are the most common problems recruiters face in high-volume hiring.

  • Evaluating quality and quantity both at the same time. 

  • When companies hire people in mass, Increasing the efficiency of high-volume can be a huge pain point for recruiters. It’s a time-consuming process, and it demands a lot of resources and team effort.

  • Cut-throat competition to hire the best people in the market. 

  • Assess and decide which applicants are suitable for which role. 

Full-proof Strategies for High-Volume Hiring in 2024

Top High-Volume Hiring Strategies

1. Use recruitment tech to do bulk hiring effectively

Mass talent acquisition is hectic and full of complex workflows. However, nowadays, plenty of online AI-based recruitment tools are available to make mass hiring easy and effective. These hiring software and systems are the biggest saviour for recruiters and HRs. Software like Applicant Tracking Software streamlines recruitment workflow via recruitment automation features. 

Tools like resume parsers use keywords and Boolean strings to search through thousands of resumes and check for existing resumes to find relevant candidates.

Recruitment Chatbot eliminates the prescreening round by asking skill assessment questions and saves time for HRs and recruiters by scheduling interviews. 

Using recruitment tech and tools will reduce the cost-to-hire and time-to-hire, helps to include candidates in the recruitment funnel and increase candidate engagement by sending an automated reply to the candidates.  

Furthermore, the Programmatic Job Advertisement technique would be the best approach in high-volume hiring software. It means relying on recruitment tech (data, analytics, and AI) to automate and simplify the overall mass hiring process. 

2. Create and promote candidate-centric content

It’s true that in the current time, content is king. It is a long-term marketing strategy for every company right now. The organisations create compelling content to connect with their target audience and win customers’ trust and loyalty, which will benefit them in the long run. 

Hence, the marketing team must closely work with the recruitment team and post content such as infographics with the help of engaging infographic templates that engages with the potential candidates. They must design candidate-centred content. As a result, it’ll be easy to attract more candidates to the recruitment pipeline. Also, recruiters and HRs must create catchy job Ads and clear job descriptions to allure a more diverse talent pool. Recruitment Marketing features are the best solution to promote content efficiently and find the right talent from diverse platforms. 

3. Strong networking brings the best talent

Building a strong network is a long-term strategy to find and hire the best candidate possible. It offers benefits like faster hiring, quality candidates, and less turnover. Hence, employers need to build a powerful reputation, search for events and platforms to engage in increasing their network, and communicate often. It enables them to attract more candidates in the recruitment pipeline for open roles. 

In addition, It’s true that skilled people know skilled people. Therefore, employers must leverage their employee’s network and former worker database to source suitable candidates for the open role. Employers and hiring managers need to create a fruitful employee referral program to get the referral of the perfect candidates. They must mention the perks, benefits, or bonus incentives employees will get. 

Also, ATS provides features like an employee referral portal to manage employee referrals and streamline referral programmes. This way, the system will be more transparent. 

Moreover, companies receive numerous applications during the hiring season. However, they may not hire every candidate. Thus, the company can save the essential data of every applicant in the talent database, which they can leverage for future hiring. It would be a good idea to review the candidate database to source suitable candidates. 

4. Recruitment analytics are a lifesaver

The biggest obstacle companies face of scale and optimising your time and spend in the mass recruitment process. However, Recruitment Analytics helps them to enhance the overall mass hiring process. It enables the feedback loop, which allows hiring managers and employers to make feedback/data-driven hiring decisions. 

Recruitment Analytics by iSmartRecruit

Recruitment KPIs to measure the success of high-volume hiring 

  1. Time to hire - allows measuring how effective the recruitment strategy is. 

  2. Source of hire - calculate advertising spend and provide an answer of which channel is more efficient, which channel is expensive and ineffective, and the most used and relevant channel where an employer must invest. 

  3. Offer acceptance rate - calculate the candidate drop-off rate, whether engagement is good or not. 

  4. Cost-per-hire - measures internal and external recruiting costs in high-volume hiring.

5. Candidate experience & employer branding are vital for high-volume recruiting 

Consistent and effective interaction with candidates is the key factor for good employer branding, positive applicant experience, and a higher offer acceptance rate. A survey by CareerBuilder found that 22% of job seekers said that if they have a poor experience during the hiring process for a firm, they will tell other applicants not to apply to that company. 

It may get tougher when recruiters have to communicate with many candidates. But tools like Recruitment Chatbot eliminate this human limitation by providing 24x7 support and answering the standard questions candidate ask. This constant candidate engagement eventually results in positive employer branding. 

Also, in order to improve candidate experience in the mass recruiting process, recruiters and HRs must convey a positive work culture to the candidates. 

The hiring team should also provide the mobile optimised application and easy-apply option because a survey by Indeed concluded that 42% of job seekers cite lengthy applications as the most frustrating part of the application experience, and 78% of job seekers would apply via mobile if it were more accessible. 

Case Study of High-Volume Hiring

Let's explore a volume recruiting example of a U.S. Security Associate who uses AI recruitment technology and conducts efficient high-volume hiring. 

U.S. Security Associate used tech solutions for high-volume recruiting 

U.S. Security Associate (USA) hires 50,000 workers yearly at over 400 branches. However, they struggled with many challenges, such as attracting qualified candidates, filling positions faster, and higher hiring costs. 

Rather than spending countless hours on the recruiting and assessment process, they chose to go forward with the technology-oriented approach to attract and hire quality candidates at the right scale and speed. 

Afterwards, they got a better result in mass hiring via using online recruitment tools. They were able to see the benefits, such as increased candidate volume, selection rate, and offers. Also, the time-to-fill decreased. 

Final Thought On Innovative High-Volume Hiring Strategies

In conclusion, businesses are growing and transforming rapidly nowadays. Hence, companies are in constant need of talented people to do product enhancement to survive in a cut-throat competition. Therefore, companies are looking for practical ways to do high-volume hiring effectively. In this blog, we’ve covered the challenges and practical solutions for recruiters and HRs to conduct high-volume hiring and acquire the best talent. 

Happy High-volume Recruiting!!

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